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Tips to Build a Enlightened Event Website


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Build a website for your event to highlight the service you want to deliver and get your targeted attendees for the event. Below you will find some useful tips to build an enlightened event website.

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Tips to Build a Enlightened Event Website

  2. 2. OVERVIEW Gone are the days of long registration queues and paper forms to sign up for an endurance event. An increasing number of event directors from both large and small events are embracing online event registration services as an added-value for both them and their participants. A great event website convinces potential attendees that you’re the event for them — and effortlessly walks them through the decision-making process. So how can you build an event website that works as effectively as you do to sell out your event? From keeping people on your page to earning their trust, here are five tips for building a sophisticated event website that turns page visitors into excited attendees.
  3. 3. PROVIDE DETAIL INFORMATION1 Your page provides proper information including; Event Name: Use your event name in your headline field, and consider adding a tagline if your name isn’t very descriptive. Event Details and Description: Provide detail information related to your event for this you can use an event hosting websites . Date, Time and Location: It may seem obvious, but plenty of events overlook this vital information. Make sure it’s prominently displayed on the page. Call to Action: Attendees shouldn’t have to figure out where to buy a ticket or register. A button that says “Buy Tickets” or “Register Now” should always be visible even as they scroll down the page.
  4. 4. 2 USE ENGAGING IMAGES Images are an impressive way to get an attention of users. So, Build your event website to feature imagery that captures the vibe of your event and portrays it as a can’t-miss experience. Every event attendees are looking for visual proof of what to expect from your event, either in the form of pictures or videos. So, use catchy and attractive images.
  5. 5. PROVIDE AN EASY CHECKOUT EXPERIENCE Each step in the checkout or registration process leads to a 10% reduction in transactions. So make the purchase process as straightforward as possible. Always try to provide easy checkout process. 3
  6. 6. 4 FOCUS ON SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to helping your event website get found organically by your ideal attendees. But to make sure you’re using the right keywords — ones that will help boost your ranking on search engines like Google — you need to do your research.