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Steps To Writing Perfect Event Listing


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want to create an attractive event listing? Check out these simple steps to creating an effective event listing and to get more attendees and to scale good revenue.

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Steps To Writing Perfect Event Listing

  1. 1. S T E P S T O W R I T I N G P E R F E C T E V E N T L I S T I N G E V E N T R Y
  2. 2. I N T R O D U C T I O N Nowadays listing an event with                                                is too important. When creating an event list for online event and publications, event promoter should have to know about the different criteria that website required. Because every website have their own way to publish events which you have listed.  This guide helps to a promoter to get maximum attendees for their events.  best event registration sites
  3. 3. Naming An Event Event Summary Naming an Event is an important factor. While deciding an event name always aim to keep the title between 20 and 40 characters. Mentioning a date and venue in Event name is not necessary. So, you can avoid this while creating name of an event. Infact, this can sometimes be a hindrance. Event organisers should never use any unusual symbols in their event title like: @!”£$%^&**() etc. Event Summary is the most important factor while describing an event. Event Summary usually has the length of about 200 characters. In Event Summary, you can include venue, date, and importance of your event. If you are not sure on what to write down in the Event Summary, try to imagine pitching an idea at a totally new audience. An event description should grab the audience’s attention in the very first line. 
  4. 4. Price According to research, on most of the website's events can be added in different price bands. Let us consider, Event organizers allow users to add as many different price bands as they like. It’s often worth having a few if organizers are going to                                           in advance with different prices for ‘early bird tickets’, ‘advance tickets’ or ‘on the door’. sell event tickets online
  5. 5. Adding Images Adding Date  Images are important because it helps to attract users. It helps to get better user experience. Whenever you are going to select an image for an event listing, it should measure no larger than 500 pixels by 500 pixels, and using a JPEG or PNG file type will work best. When setting the date for an event listing, always double check that it is correctly set or not. There may not be an opportunity to change it once the event has been broadcasted. Events should always be posted at least three weeks in advance to guarantee that the listings websites will pick up the event and to maximize the marketing potential. If an event is listed through Event or directly onto the website of the event too close to the date and time of the event, many listings websites will simply ignore it.
  6. 6. Event Description Event organisers can go into more detail in the Description section. This section is often just a short biography of the people playing for example. Include interesting or relevant information that a writer at editorial sites like Spoonfed or Time Out can latch onto should they want to feature the event. Not all                                               will aks Event Description but it’s very useful to have a short and long version of an event description that’s suitable for different websites. event registration website *******