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Popular and Effective Event Technology Trends


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Looking to explore the latest tech trends of event industry? Here are the best tech event trends that will change your events and event success in a positive way. To learn more visit:

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Popular and Effective Event Technology Trends

  1. 1. Popular and Effective Event Technology Trends
  2. 2. OVERVIEW When it comes to arrange exhibitions and trade shows, technology plays a vital role in organizing them successfully. Event managers use event registration software to sell event tickets online. This system not only helps to sell tickets without manual interruption but also it creates a database of existing and prospective clients which help them to generate more leads. The technological advancement helps brands to develop compelling marketing strategies. So, they can hit a large number of target audience. Look at some of these technological trends, which are widely used in exhibitions and trade shows.
  3. 3. Mobile Apps1  If you are running out of time, the mobile application is the best way to build up and apply effective marketing strategies.  Now-a-days, most people use smart phones.  So mobile apps would be effective in connecting with more people in a short period of time.
  4. 4. 2 Event Hosting Websites Event managers mostly use event hosting websitesto sell tickets. It is convenient for both audience and hosts. Participates don’t need to stand in the long queue. They can sign up online on their convenient time and can fill out forms. However, in manual registration process, hosts need to invest more money and time in opening, entering and sorting out forms. The software also helps you in tracking the total strength at the venue of an event.
  5. 5. Wearable Technology Event managers also use wearable devices as they help to keep track of the attendees. You can also install GPS system in wearable devices so you can guide the attendees. 3
  6. 6. 4 Holograms Holograms allow attendees to get engaged with trade shows and exhibitions. This encourages them to try out their products and services.