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Introduction of smartphone in event industry.


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The event industry has been growing at a tremendous rate from the introduction of smartphone as everything has gone digital now. That's the reason various event hosting websites and registration system are developed to offer benefits to both organisers and participants.

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Introduction of smartphone in event industry.

  1. 1. Introduction Of Smartphone In Event Industry
  2. 2. The Begining It all begins when first time the internet has been used for event planning, organising and marketing. In 1994, the first web ad has been published online and now it is been all over the internet and growing at a tremendous speed. The revolution in internet marketing makes peoples to try this path for event marketing. It gets boosted from the introduction of the smartphone, the use of the smartphone has increased by many time as every one has gone online now. The Internet has been used for all the things now. And smartphone is the real driver of all that activities.
  3. 3. How it changed the way of event marketing
  4. 4. # 1 Offers More Flexibility in Selecting Channels
  5. 5. # 2 Gives Access to Narrow Targeting
  6. 6. # 3 Connect with influencer any time
  7. 7. # 4 Monitor & Analyse results With Event registration system
  8. 8. # 5 Get Potential Leads On event hosting website
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