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Importance of event feedback


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Event Feedback is an important aspect of event planning, since it is the factor which helps in evaluating & improving the system. Feedback makes the organisation more fluent and efficient. It is measure of success of event.

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Importance of event feedback

  1. 1. Importance Of�Event�Feedback Importance Of�Event�Feedback
  2. 2. What is event feedback? The event feedback is not much different than any other feedback, it is an opinion of the even attendee in response to the actual event. It is their personal view how they felt about the event. Is it a good or bad experience for them.
  3. 3. Who gives the feedback? Well isn't that obvious, only peoples who attended the event will provide the feedback but it's not the complete scenario. beside these users the feedback of below peoples matters most. Experts Competitors Critics
  4. 4. Importance # 1 Check what went right or what went wrong. Feedback of attendees gives the overview of users on the event. Which help in evaluating the what are the things that needs to changed or what are the things that appreciated. In the end we are planning the event of them so why not plan next event according to them. That's where event listing website help in getting feedback from right users.
  5. 5. # 2 Future planning Plan your next event effectively with response according to the feedback. Avoid the problems which has occurred the past event and make the next event even more successful. Also plan the resources with it's best efficiency.
  6. 6. By analysing the feedback we can optimise the system to it's best potential. Since there is always scope of improvement in the system and if users can find the flaws in it then it will be helpful in improving it. For system improvement we can also rely on event registration website free with lots of benefits. This is automated system which takes the man errors out of the equation and provide the best results. # 3 System Improvement
  7. 7. # 4 Take little time to correct the things
  8. 8. # 5 Know what users want.
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