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How to display an ongoing, branded event series online


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Nowadays, whether you’re hosting an event series yourself or enlisting others to host events on your behalf, the presentation of your event listing should be proper. Here are some ways with the help of this you can list your event in a unique way.

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How to display an ongoing, branded event series online

  1. 1. H O W T O D I S P L A Y A N O N GO I N G , B R A N D E D E V E N T S E R I E S O N L I N E E V E N T R Y - B E S T E V E N T R E G I S T R A T I O N S Y S T E M : W A Y S T O S H O W O F F Y O U R E V E N T S E R I E S
  2. 2. For checking h o w m a n y events are in your series To get mo r e leads for your event by designing and arranging listing properly To attract valid organizers as w e l l as participants W H Y ?
  3. 3. Ways To Show Off Your Event Series Looking to present your upcoming events to people online? But if you don't have any idea then use free event submission sites. So how do you know which presentation style is best and suitable for your event series to showcase? Refer below some common methods to present an event series online.
  4. 4. 1 L I S T S Lists are an easy way to show a series of upcoming events on your website. Maintaining proper lists always helps to choose from a wide range of the events. The list can help event-goers easily find one that’s relevant to their needs.
  5. 5. 2CA R O U SE L S If you have a number of events for listing what's the one thing you're always looking for? Adding to your listing for attractive looks, of course! For ongoing series, a carousel is a simple option to showcase your past events. Carousels are like a slideshow for your upcoming events.
  6. 6. 3 M A P S Good for your visitors? Ofcourse!! An interactive map can show the geographic scale of your event series. Participants on your site will get an idea of community as they navigate different regions and see others across the globe participating.
  7. 7. T H A N K Y O U ! ! F U N D E R I N G @ E V E N T R Y . S E Learn more at