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Event posting sites - providing benefits to both organizers & participants.


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Event posting sites are the new species of event marketing website. These sites are integrates the advantages of both event advertisement and ticket selling site. Which works in the favor of both organisers and participants.

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Event posting sites - providing benefits to both organizers & participants.

  1. 1. EVENT POSTING SITES Providing Benefits To Both Organizers & Participants.
  2. 2.  Event posting sites are the online platforms where organizers freely post their event for the purpose of advertising and promoting it online. Where for the attendees it is hangout to find the events and buy tickets online.  This platform is independently developed for organizers and participants, so that both of them doesn't need to be wander around the web. Introduction :
  3. 3. HOW IT WORKS?  After organizer register his event on one of event marketing website (Event posting site), the website fed this event to the users who lives in that location.  Also whenever some user search for the event, it also shows event to that user.  It gives privilege of selling and buying event tickets online. Which plays important role in increasing the engagement.  Suggest event to users on search engine also.
  4. 4. BENEFITS TO ORGANIZER :  Promote event worldwide without spending any amount on marketing.  Drive potential leads and increase the business revenue.  Collects the real time data related to event participants.  Sell event tickets online.  Has platform that works 27*7.  Organizers can design their own tickets and event page.  Get early commitments from the leads.
  5. 5. BENEFITS TO PARTICIPANTS :  Find all category of events at one place.  Buy event tickets online.  Examine all the details related to event, artists & organizer.  Imagine the event from its preview images.  Can select the seats for a group or family.
  6. 6. PARAMETERS TO SELECT EVENT POSTING SITE:  Reputation in market.  Number of followers site has.  Ability to make an event more popular.  It's Social appearance.  Services are free or paid.  Domain authority of site.  Versatility of management tools.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION :  From all the info and study on event posting site it is concluded that they are the best place for both of the event organizers and participants.  The effectiveness and spreadability of event is depends upon the platform, thus selection of event posting site is very crucial.
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