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Best event registration site in 2018


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Your guide for selecting the best event registration site in 2018. Recent shift in technology trends makes the job of selecting one perfect platform for publishing event online. But by analysing and comparing various sites you can select one which can provide best results.

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Best event registration site in 2018

  1. 1. Best Event Registration Site in 2018? Compare of top platforms for price, services & trust.
  2. 2. Whatcan changein 2018?  In 2018, the focus of both organsiers and users will be shifted towards the modern digital technology like VR and RIFD.  As the technology growing the event registration and marketing platforms will also adapt these changes accordingly, So that the website will be ready to integrate with modern technology.  The user experience will be the key of success in 2018.  Trends are smart phone will be the main targeting device for event marketer.
  3. 3. Reputation  The reputation of the website is what matter most. It indicates the trust flow of peoples in the market.  Also it will be determines it's position on search engines.  Remember the search engines are getting more smarter and strict, so getting on the top of search results page is more of achievement. Factors To Be Considered While Selecting Best Event Registration Site.
  4. 4. FanFollowing  Fan following describes the estimated number of peoples who are following or regularly visiting the sites.  It is the audience strength of the website, which determines what will be the reach of your event.
  5. 5. Servicecost  Many sites which are good in trust flow and reputation but it doesn't mean it will be perfect for your business.  We need to compare the service cost of platform cause ultimately it will decides the revenue or ROI of event.
  6. 6. Technology Updation& Integration  Website should be integrated with modern technologies such as event registration system, virtual assistance.
  7. 7. Easeofaccess  Website should be user friendly and easily assessable for all old and new users without much of hassle.  The unfriendliness of the platform can badly affects the event.  Select the platform on which user navigate and engage on the go.
  8. 8. Automation  Automation are becomes the inevitable part of the modern digital technology.  Platform should be integrated with virtual assistance, chat responder, event registration system, automated reminder. Etc