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5 Biggest Mistakes Most Event Marketers Make.


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Event marketing requires a great deal of patience, knowledge, and good instincts. Most of the organizers have these skills but still, they failed to get good results that are only because of common mistakes. Check out some mistakes that you should avoid in marketing future events.
Event marketing websites are a good platform for obtaining good results.

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5 Biggest Mistakes Most Event Marketers Make.

  1. 1. PREVIEW • Event marketing is a combination of strategy that focused on introducing users to business and at the same time educate or nurture them about it. • The aim of event marketing is not only to promote business but also to build a strong and transparent relationship between the customer and business. It needs to be two way communication. • But many event marketers filed to do so, because of common mistakes which leads the complete strategy ineffective.
  2. 2. MISTAKE #1 : IT IS NOT A PIECE OF CAKE • Relying on just on online ticket selling platform simply is not enough. Over the years, many ticketing and event marketing websites help you to sell out your event. • But there is no spell of magic, it surely takes a great deal of work and attention to detail to sell a bunch of tickets.
  3. 3. MISTAKE #2 : MAIN INTENT IS ONLY TO SELL TICKETS • Remember "people don't by what you sell, people buy why you sell it." Said by Simon Sinek, a great marketing expert. • So, your main intent should be offer services and solutions of their problems.
  4. 4. MISTAKE #3 : DIDN'T KNOW THEIR AUDIENCE. • Most of the amateur event marketers made this kind of mistake. They just start the marketing without knowing their ideal audience. • They are simply making their efforts in attracting or influencing the users who are not interested in business services.
  5. 5. MISTAKE #4 : STILL USING CONVENTIONAL WAYS • Marketers still uses old methods and technology for promoting their events. Now those methods are like 100years old. Technology has the biggest impact on event marketing you can reach to millions of people at the right time and right place. • Modern methods of marketing made the process of event registration faster, smoother and convenient. Techs like RFID, VR, VA, etc. focused on user experience.
  6. 6. MISTAKE #5 : DIDN'T MEASURE THE ROI • How will you know all the efforts and techniques you have applied is actually working? Obviously by measuring the results and ROI. • Apply strategy is as much important as measuring it's impact. It is the only way by which you can remove the flaws from your marketing strategy. Online event registration is best tool for measuring the results and ROI.
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