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4 Marketing Tips to Sell More Tickets for Your Event


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Have a look at the latest proven techniques to sell more tickets for your event. Here are some simple strategies that should be part of your ticket sales approach to get more results.

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4 Marketing Tips to Sell More Tickets for Your Event

  1. 1. 4 Marketing Tips to Sell More Tickets for Your Event
  2. 2.      In the ideal scenario, tickets for your event sell out so quickly that those who luck out have to seek out scalpers.   If you are looking to sell more tickets for your events then event posting sites is the best option.   A few simple yet underutilised marketing tips will ensure you don’t have a venue full of empty seats come event day.  Overview
  3. 3. 1. Start Early  Whatever date you plan to begin sell event tickets online, begin a week or two before that.   In fact, it is better to announce two separate dates when the tickets will be going on sale.   The first will be an early bird special and should be exclusive to subscribers or customers with a membership.   The second date is when tickets become available for everyone else at retail price.
  4. 4.  If your event is held over the course of several days. There will be members who may decline to attend due to not being able to attend the whole event.   For this reason, create different ticket types to accommodate those who may only be able to show up for part of the event.   You can, for example, have the regular ticket that’s good for the whole event and another that’s good for just the first day or two. The latter, of course, should be sold at a cheaper price.
  5. 5.  Your sponsors are likely more well established than you are, hence why they have the budget to fund your event. As such, they also likely have a larger connection base.   While the bulk of the promotion is your responsibility, don’t be afraid to ask your sponsors to promote the event by linking to your ticket sales page. 
  6. 6. 4. Hype the Event With “Mini Events”  Create some sort of countdown where each day includes a “mini event” that helps build up anticipation for the upcoming event.   The concept is similar to the whole “12 days of Christmas” scheme where children create a chain out of construction paper and remove a link as each day passes to commemorate being one day closer to Christmas.
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