The Missing Ingredient


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The Missing Ingredient by @msjaneaustin

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  • I’m Jane, and this is what I’ve leanred in the last few years.So, after about 8 years in agencies I moved to the city as I wanted to work with complex, real time data.And there was one question I asked myself -
  • And also, it'd be hard to make these interfaces look uglier.
  • So, I went to IG online trading It was an odd set up. UX was part of IT and was in one building, and marketing was in another building about ten minutes away.It was quite a fractured organisation in retropsect, with pretty fractured advertising…
  •   and hang out in marketing as it was the only way to find out what was going on, I discovered that they were working on a news, analysis and education platform - and I realised that we were all building the same thing. so my top tip is get out of your department So, two things amazed me about the situation in IG then - firstly that IT looked down on marketing so much, and vice versa, that they paid no attention to what the other was doing and that there was no over arching vision - and secondly, although this thought didn't gel until later, both departments were just building stuff on a whim - they had no idea if people actually wanted what they were building.
  • Anyway, I spoke to the various people involved, and they, somewhat reluctantly, greed it was the same project, and that we would run ir properly. (Oh, and that it needed and name and we needed a proper brand instead of the proliferation of logos, but thats another story) By properly I meant that we'd have a design concept phase, and that the UXers and designers would work closely with the developers, and that we'd work as an Agile team. 
  • Not such big news now, but 3 years ago I was like - why have I being doing waterfall all these years? why have I being doing wireframes and then chucking them at the development team? wireframes often seemed to be waste and noise. Very often a problem could be solved by siting smart people in a room with a whiteboard and debating and drawing the answer. why have I not been working more closely with developers and evolving the project - and for me that was the first thing I realised was missing in UX. This agile collaboration
  •  It was brilliant working this way, and I got to work with some amazingly smart developers, but we still did very little research, and when we did it was time consuming and expensive, and so it was viewed by the business as a luxury rather than a necessity. But then, I did something really stupid.I got myself promoted to co run the marketng departmentAnd my life was madmen,meeitngs and megalomainacs
  • I’m joking. Or half joking – but it meant I got a new persepctive  Abecause what I got was an eagle eye view of our relationship with customers, and it made me realise that UX was thinking too small.Joined upOther touchspionts like PPC As UXers we hadn't been looking at what the emails said, where it was sending people, how we managed this journey. And I also came to understand concepts like life time customer values, sales funnels, and the importance of emotion in the service we were providing. Winning or losing has big emotional content and we were just ignoring it.
  • And I also realsied that we should tie all this together to create an experience for our customers that was bigger than designing an interface for our customera. So, I started reading and I was amazed to discover that there is something called 'customer expereince' - who knew? why were these guys and UX guys not talking to each other? why don't we know about or fight to get access to data like Voice of the Customer or other insight that lets us see what people want from the service?
  • And then one last thing happened. I got invited to be on a panel t Greenwich Digitla City to be on a panel giving feedback to start ups doing apps. it was all UXers on the panel, and the other guys were giving great feedback but it was all at the level of that button is in the wtng place, that link title, isn't clear, the check out is really difficult to use. Bear in mind these were apps that a lot of developemt work and effort had gone into alerady. But I was sitting there thinking - 'who on earth would actually use this?' 'what problem is it solving?' and ostimprtsntly 'how did they get this far without knowing the answer to this'? Which made me think - why isn't market research and UX research more closely aligned? Its such a massive gulf. I'm leanrign now about market research techniques and they are very interesign and very applicable to UX.
  • Which made me think - why isn't market research and UX research more closely aligned? Its such a massive gulf. I'm leanrign now about market research techniques and they are very interesign and very applicable to UX. Probably the place that this is coming together in the most interesitng way is in the Lean start up movement, where products are released into the wild with real users, and when I say products I mean the minumum amount of product abaialble to test the concpet and see if it is something people want to use, and what to buy, pay for the service, or whatevr the commercial model is.
  • So, to bring us to the repesent - now I'm a co founder of a new agency called Bright North, and my aim is to take these lessons and expereicnes, and look again at the way we do UX.
  •  so, we have a manifesto based off these missing ingredients - what do we think is missing? what can we do better?
  • The Missing Ingredient

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    8. 8. WHO KNEW?
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    12. 12. ASK YOURSELF….
    13. 13.  Lean UX – work more efficiently and minimise waste More testing more often with more people More data Design for an integrated experience Understand how that experience sits as part of the marketing mix Understand the role of emotionOUR UX MANIFESTO
    15. 15. FIRST WEEK
    18. 18. PROCESS FLOW
    19. 19. LOW TECH AND FAST
    20. 20. IDEAS ARE CHEAP
    21. 21. EMOTION MAP
    22. 22. KANO MODELCreatorModified Mon Apr 15 2013Jane Austin10 / 62PSstoryboardV1.4.gtemplate Canvas4MODEL FOR FEATUREPRIORITISATIONDELIGHTDISAPPOINTABSENT FULLY WORKINGNOTESThe purpose of this diagram is to bring together user research and competitor analysis to map features and benefits. We need to ensure we do what everyone else does, at least as well. We also need to be clear about what is the corepromise of the product, and deliver on that. This will form the MVP, and is shaded in blue.Everything above the blue line are features that no one else is doing and which will delight our customers. However, these features do not form the core of the product and should be prioritised and added to the backlog.As part of the backlog prioritisation process another version of this diagram should be used, where benefits to the customer and mapped against benefit (profit, cost reduction, publicity etc) to the business. The features will then bemapped against cost and trade offs made, e.g. three lower benefit items against one big ticket benefit. Id recommend using (simple) research to validate consumer benefits at this point.FEATUREEMOTIONKEY DIFFERENTIATOR: MUST DELIVER ON THIS PROMISEMUST HAVE THESE FEATURESTHESE FEATURES ARE NOT EXPECTED BUT DELIGHT CUSTOMERS
    23. 23. PROCESS FLOW
    24. 24. STORYBOARDS
    25. 25. COLOUR WORK
    27. 27. THE FINAL MISSING INGREDIENT@msjaneaustin