Use Social Media To Sell Out Your Next Event


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Did you know: a single event share in the UK is worth £2.41 in extra sales and drives 16 visits back to the event page?

Learn how to leverage social media to effectively promote & sell more tickets for your next event.

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Use Social Media To Sell Out Your Next Event

  1. 1. Learn how to use social media to sell out your next event Marino Fresch– Eventbrite Zoe Cunningham – Tech Talkfest Bernie J Mitchell – Engaging People Katie McPhee - Eventbrite
  2. 2. Welcome! On the agenda today: Introductions 1 – How to sell more tickets with social sharing 2 – Planning event promotion 3–Q&A
  3. 3. How is social media helping event organisers?
  4. 4. Vote now! Which social media platform is most effective for your events? A. Facebook B. Twitter C. LinkedIn D. Google + E. None – traditional marketing works best for me
  5. 5. How to sell more tickets with social sharing
  6. 6. Twitter drives the most ticket sales per share Apply this to your next event: • Consider promoting your events on Twitter if you’re not already • Set privacy options to public on your Eventbrite event page to enable attendees to share
  7. 7. It takes 3 tweets to sell one ticket Apply this to your next event: • Make it easy for attendees to share your event: consider sending a pre-written tweet in confirmation email • Tweet other businesses & events & ask for a retweet
  8. 8. Tell us now! How tech savvy are your attendees?
  9. 9. Social discovery leads to more mobile sales Apply this to your next event: • Sell tickets on a website that provides mobile optimised event pages
  10. 10. Planning event promotion
  11. 11. More post-purchase sharing takes place on Facebook Apply this to your next event: • Consider the role each platform plays in the promotion process
  12. 12. Tell us now! Questions?
  13. 13. Final tips for phenomenal events
  14. 14. Resources • Top ten social media best practices: • Get started on Eventbrite. Create your account here and follow these steps on setting up your event: • Integrate ticket sales for your event into WordPress: • Keep you event in front of attendees with Eventbrite for mobile: • Promote your event with Instagram: • Use Tweetwall to increase attendee engagement: • Learn the wonders of the #hashtag: hashtag/ • More social media best practices:
  15. 15. Thank you Twitter: @briteuk Web: Email: Phone: 0800 652 4993