The Habits of The Modern Music Festival Fan


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Are you a festival organiser, or someone who one day hopes to be? If so, you might like our music festival infographic!

Made with help from the kind folks at CGA Strategy and the UK Festival Awards, our infographic gives an insight into spending habits, audience segmentation and all sorts of other useful stuff taken from a sample size of over 12,000.

Let us know what you think (or request a high res version) over on Twitter!

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The Habits of The Modern Music Festival Fan

  1. 1. WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO SAY?{ Social mediaFestival fans amongst 16-18year olds are regular users ofFacebook, YouTubeand Twitter. 92% 88% 72%{ Buying tickets vs free events 75% of festival fans 31% of those asked said that free events buy their tickets online. encouraged them to go to paid-for festivals. 32% said attendance ? to free gigs didn’t 75% influence their paid-for behaviour either way. Only 6% said that free events stopped them from going to more paid-for festivals.{ Company 85% of music fans attended festivals in groups of 2 or more. alone +1 2 or more >2% 13% 85% The average group size being 5.3 people{ Budgeting & spendingMost typically, (39%) fans spent £10-£50 prior to the festival, excluding the priceof the ticket, and £50-£100 (28%) whilst at the event, with alcohol eclipsing foodspend on site. 0 28% 00 £5 39% 0- £1 £1 0- £5 £ ? Budgeting was a factor for some, with 35% didn’t go with a 43% spending a fixed fixed budget in mind. amount on site. 53% bought merchandise. 53% { What do festival fans drink? Spirit & Mixer Shots 67% Beer 62% Cider 58% Wine 58% Cocktails 48% 0 None 5% 67%{ Attendance 30% The majority (30%) attend 3-5 live music gigs a year.{ Important factors Just one third of fans said that headliners are the most important factor in deciding whether to buy a ticket. ££ E 2 N 01T O 2 AD MI 69% of people would not necessarily return to a festival 20T1 ADM 1 I O even if they enjoyed it. N E ££ 67% said they thought that environmental friendliness was important at a festival. Research kindly supplied by: