Three Steps to a Kick@$$ Presentation


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Three Steps to a Kick@$$ Presentation

  1. Grow Your Festival with Social Media
  2. Meet the speakers Keiko Tokuda Director of Marketing m Sara Altier Community Manager
  3. Festivals are perfect for social media
  4. How do I get the most for my time and effort?
  5. Today, we’ll cover… 5  Establishing & growing your social presence  Building momentum to increase sales  Engaging your community at the event  Tracking results & learning with data  Creating a loyal following
  6. Establishing and Growing Your Social Presence 6
  7. Get to know your audience 7 • Age, gender, household income, family status • Personal interests • Reason for attending • Proximity to your event Listen! Listen! Listen!
  8. Submerge yourself in the culture 8 Where are “like” communities gathering offline • Groups or clubs, • Classes: craft making, culinary, music • Wine tastings and other related events Where are conversations happening online • Special interest blogs: food, travel, etc Follow like minded people within that community
  9. Creating your online presence 9 Just because “everyone” has… Facebook page Twitter handle Google + account Pinterest board… Start with what you know and what you’re comfortable with Don’t bite off more than you can chew – it takes time to build an online presence
  10. 10 Question for the audience What social media platforms have you found to be most successful for marketing your festival? a) Facebook b) Twitter c) Instagram d) Pinterest e) Google+ f) Other
  11. 11 Building momentum to increase sales
  12. Announcing your festival—make it exciting! • Promote your on-sale date • Use social channels to communicate the juicy details • Keep the conversation going
  13. A “social” event page increases conversion 13 Your brand Seeing others saved the event Your social info Social sharing
  14. Leverage the power of social influence 14 Let people see friends that are going and rally their friends on your behalf
  15. Give people a taste of the experience 15
  16. Get people talking & sharing with friends 16 ~40% share events before committing to going
  17. Measurable sales impact from social sharing $4.15* in additional ticket sales, on average, every time an event is shared on Facebook *Average incremental revenue from social sharing. Source: internal data 28 additional visits to the event page 15 additional visits to the event page
  18. Sharing patterns and values differ across events 18 Source: internal data
  19. Make it super simple to buy tickets
  20. 20 Building Excitement with Your Community
  21. Set goals, work backwards 21 Define what success looks like – Tickets sold? Amount raised? # of Likes? RTs? Create a social media calendar – make sure to note any milestones or special dates leading up to the race. Adopt tools to get started and manage the process – here are some of our favorites!
  22. What to say, and when 22 Be mindful of your message take time to craft your words, don’t repeat the same post over and over! Decide your frequency based on the platform. Twitter vs Facebook? Remember your audience! Let your target audience guide you. AM vs PM, hashtags, etc.
  23. Great additional tools to test 23
  24. Great additional tools to test 24
  25. Great additional tools to test 25
  26. Create urgency with contests & promotions 26 Use contests as a way to engage with your audience and spark action Tie contest themes and giveaways back to your “true north”, and what makes your event stand out
  27. Additional acquisition tools to build your fan base 27 **Remember – Start small, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started!
  28. 28 Question for the audience How do you get people excited for your event using social media?
  29. 29 Engaging your community at the event
  30. The right infrastructure is key 30 Let attendees download the app and pull up tickets right from the gate Let them connect with friends both present and online Increase the FOMO effect within their networks!!
  31. Put a # on it 31 KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) - Create a hashtag that is relevant to your event and easy to remember. Don’t Go Overboard - Limit your event to one-two hashtags max. Do Your Research - Be mindful of anyone else ‘squatting’ on your hashtag, could impact metrics Be Smart - Keep your hashtag under 10 characters to allow room for attendees to Tweet,
  32. Capitalize on FOMO effect 32
  33. 33 Tracking results and learning with data
  34. Glean key insights from your data 34
  35. Track all of your promotions 35
  36. 36 Great insight for geo targeted advertising and PR!
  37. 37 Create a loyal following
  38. The conversation lives on—don’t drop off! 38 Create and share recaps on the event and event experience Post event pictures, and encourage your attendees to also add their own Thank your fans, and celebrate with them again and again Update the community on your progress (i.e. donations)
  39. Enroll your community to curate new ideas 39 • Ask for feedback • Share a survey • Listen to your attendees • Take notes on how you can improve your next event!
  40. Wrap up 40  Decide which social media channels are right for your event, and your business  Make ticketing super easy, available everywhere, and ensure it’s sharable  Give attendees reasons to engage before, during and after your event  Analyze which marketing efforts are most effective and double down
  41. 41 Question for the audience Would you like more information and resources from Eventbrite?
  42. Thank you! Sara Altier Keiko Tokuda