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Tech Tools: The New Ecosystem of Events with Mitch Colleran and Abe Adams


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It seems like almost every day there’s a new app or platform promising to help boost engagement or reach new audiences and the task of keeping up with the latest tricks, tools, gadgets, and trends can be daunting, to say the least. We caught up with our very own Mitch Colleran and Target Victory’s Abe Adams to explore the latest event tools, technologies and services that can help you save time, scale your efforts and make event planning (almost!) seamless. From the latest smartphone apps to hardware improvements and open API’s, Mitch and Abe have teamed up to share what technologies the event pros are using to make sure their events go off without a hitch. Let’s take a look!

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Tech Tools: The New Ecosystem of Events with Mitch Colleran and Abe Adams

  1. 1. Tech Tools Mitch Colleran & Abe Adams
  2. 2. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Housekeeping items • Questions at the end We’ll reserve some time for Q&A at the end. • Slides will be posted Feel free to take notes and photos, but we’ll post all this content for you. • Feedback We’re building a community together, so we would love to hear from you (and have you follow-up to connect). #elevateDC + #techtools / @Colleran + @AbeAdams
  3. 3. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Agenda • Importance of Tech • Trends: Mature, Now & Next • Applying tech • Q&A
  4. 4. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Importance of Tech 1. Benefits of tech Technology lowers costs, improves efficiency, and increases utility. 2. Risks of tech Lots of noise. Every service self identifies as innovative. Limited resources to invest. 3. We can help Understanding more macro market trends will help you identify real opportunities to improve your business.
  5. 5. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Tech trends: Mature • Social People are choosing hashtags before venues. Your audience is there & so are you. • E-commerce Purchasing online is no longer just for early adopters - it’s an expectation. • Content Blogs are no longer a strategy, they’re an expectation.
  6. 6. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams
  7. 7. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Tech Trends: Now • Mobile 25% of all web usage is on mobile. Growth is not slowing down. • Connected Web A typical SaaS platform now has an open API. Industries are being created in making connections between platforms.
  8. 8. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams
  9. 9. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Eventbrite API Adoption
  10. 10. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Tech Trends: Next • Privacy Backlash against popularity of online identity. Anonymity is now a feature. • Wearables Watches, Google Glass, fitness trackers are all being sold and hoping for mass adoption.
  11. 11. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams
  12. 12. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Applying Tech • Cost vs. Time Every solution must consider the balance of funding versus available time. • Scalability Solving for a single instance is not the problem. • Adoption You need buy-in from other departments and partners.
  13. 13. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Case Study Romney-Ryan 2012 Events • Events = Voters, Volunteers, Donors, & Press
  14. 14. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Case Study Romney-Ryan 2012 Events • Unified Event Solution Partnered with Eventbrite; Promoted and executed 227 events in 4 months. • Publicize Events & Maximize Crowd Building 1+ Million RSVPs, 550k+ electronic tickets • Enhance Turnout Data Optimize time, location and event frequency
  15. 15. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Case Study Romney-Ryan 2012 Events • Cross-Device Promotion Desktop, Mobile, & Tablet + Event App • Pre- & Post-Event Marketing Platform allowed for new marketing opportunities before and after events. 550k+ New Email Contacts 620k+ New Phone Contacts • New Resources $4+ Million raised through event attendees 120k+ New volunteer recruits signed up
  16. 16. #ElevateDC@Colleran / @AbeAdams Event Tech Trends – Cheat Sheet Trend Huh? Do this! Social (mature) Social media participation is ubiquitous. Since your audience is there, you should be there too. • Be there (have Twitter/FB profiles for your company/brand) • Participate in conversations – engage your audience. E-commerce (mature) There is no longer a stigma around buying online. • Offer online registration/merchandise/etc. Content (mature) People expect content from brands, find your competitive advantage and stand out. • Diversify beyond the long-form blog post • Try different platforms (YouTube, Medium, niche-specific) Mobile (now) Mobile has a US high penetration and usage is still skyrocketing. • Make sure ALL your websites are optimized for mobile • Consider a separate mobile app for your event Connected Web (now) Web services and platforms are becoming interconnected. • Take advantage of integrated apps and APIs • Consolidate data and have a ‘source-of-truth’ Privacy (next) Rise of anonymous and temporary social networks. • Only collect the data that you need • Be weary of services that force social sign-up Wearables (next) Increasing computing power makes smaller/wearable devices inevitable. • Let this market grow more before making investments.