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Ace the Event! How to Leverage Eventbrite for University Events


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Whether you’re in charge of planning an annual conference, an alumni fundraising gala or a series of activities for your students, the success of your event(s) is going to depend heavily on the tools you use. With so many online platforms at your disposal it’s important to focus your efforts and take full advantage of the right ones for YOU.

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Ace the Event! How to Leverage Eventbrite for University Events

  1. 1. Ace the Event: How to Use Eventbrite for University Events
  2. 2. Who We Are Simplifying with Mobile Growing with Social Learning through Data Case Study Platform Demo
  3. 3. EventbriteEventbrite a New Kind of Ticketing and Registration Platform
  4. 4. Global Scale Means … Access Innovation Protection Expertise
  5. 5. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Stay In Full Control Stay In Full Control of your Event’s Successof your Event’s Success
  7. 7. Mobile Social Media Big Data Ticketing and Registration in Your Hands
  8. 8. Capture More RevenueCapture More Revenue with Mobile Innovations
  9. 9. Eventbrite for mobile 25%event page traffic from mobile devices 60%lift in conversion for mobile-optimized events 20ktickets in Passbook in first week Discovery Increase Conversions with Mobile Optimization Mobile Purchasing Mobile Tickets
  10. 10. Attract Attendees with Eventbrite for Mobile YOUR AUDIENCE: 150,000Active users per week
  11. 11. Simplify Ticket Scanning with Entry Manager GET ATTENDEES IN QUICKLY. 5,000,000Tickets scanned to date
  12. 12. Increase On-Site Sales Sync All Your Sales Data Accept Credit Cards Capture Attendee Info Bring the Box Office … with You and Use It at the Door
  13. 13. Turn Attendees into PromotersTurn Attendees into Promoters with Social Integration
  14. 14. The Event Organizer:The Event Organizer: YOU
  15. 15. The Event:The Event: Alumni Gala
  16. 16. The Attendee: EVAN, Class of 2000
  17. 17. Turn Attendees into Promoters with Social Integration
  18. 18. Turn Attendees into Promoters with Social Integration
  19. 19. Turn Attendees into Promoters with Social Integration
  20. 20. Turn Attendees into Promoters with Social Integration
  21. 21. Turn Attendees into Promoters with Social Integration
  22. 22. *AVERAGE NUMBER OF FACEBOOK FRIENDS PER USER IN 2012. SOURCE: ARBITRON: EDISON RESEARCH 1 Attendee: 262 friends Potential Reach: 68,600 Friends
  23. 23. 1 Social Share: $4.15 Increase in Incremental Sales
  24. 24. Social Sharing = Free Promotion For Every 500 Facebook Shares: 7,000 VISITS $2,075 IN INCREMENTAL REVENUE 5% IN INCREMENTAL SALES $0 MARKETING SPEND
  26. 26. Analyze Your DataAnalyze Your Data to Impact Your Sales
  27. 27. Monitor your sales Analyze trends Make smarter decisions Make Smarter Business Decisions Backed Up by Real-Time Data Reporting
  28. 28. Collect the right info Know where people are coming from Redirect marketing budget Know Your Customers by Getting Information Straight from Them
  29. 29. See which promotions are working Create links to track campaigns Know what’s driving traffic and sales Track Promotions to Make Smarter Marketing Investments
  30. 30. 77 83 76 71 USAA Amazon Apple U.S. phone, chat & email support 24 hours, 7 days a week 70 Customer Support Experts 93% Customer Satisfaction Rating Net Promoter Score Eventbrite compared to industry leaders Top-tier Customer Service When You Need It Most
  31. 31. 1.800.350.8850
  32. 32. Case Study
  33. 33. Boston UniversityBoston University Increasing Registration and Attendance Criteria Improved internal controls Easy-to-use solution Cross-platform access Reduction in printed tickets Phenomenal customer service
  34. 34. A Few of our Customers
  35. 35. Thank you.