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Mobile Apps For Event Marketing

Mobile Marketing -- Digital Event Marketing -- Mobile App For Event Marketing -- EventKloud is a audience-driven marketing & advertising automation platform for events. Its a smarter way to create cross-channel, streamlined event campaigns to reach, engage & measure your audience all from a central dashboard.

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Mobile Apps For Event Marketing

  2. 2. We Are Mobile In 2008, it was predicted by 2014, Mobile Internet Access would surpass Desktop Internet Access.
  3. 3. Today We have breached that barrier and mobile usage is projected to reach over 50% adoption globally by 2022.
  4. 4. We’ve said it before – Mobile Marketing is not an option. No Surprise There It is today’s reality.
  5. 5. So Why Apps?
  6. 6. Smartphone Use Breakdown 89% Apps 11% Web Browsers The Mobile App Share
  7. 7. Handheld Gaming Devices What Makes Up Mobile Smart Phones Wearable Tech (Smart Watches, Wristbands) Tablets
  8. 8. From the customers perspective, well designed, branded mobile apps can be: • A Primary Source of Need-to-Know Information • A Feedback Opportunity • Interactive • User Friendly Customer Service What Can Apps Do for You?
  9. 9. From the Event Producer’s perspective, well designed, branded mobile apps can be: • A Self Contained and Distraction Free Promotional Tool • A Single Source Technology Tool (Registration, Check In, Ticket Sales, Back Office Database, etc…) • An Opportunity for Ongoing Audience Engagement • A Metric Tool for Planners & Sponsors • A Customer Service Channel Eliminating Call/ Email Bottleneck What Can Apps Do for You?
  10. 10. • Your event app should be unique to your company, brand, and event. • How will you integrate your App across multiple channels – your website, your social channels, your registration platform, etc… • Take the time to understand what components of an app will enhance your specific event. • How will your guests use your App? Things to Keep in Mind
  11. 11. Define what parts of an app work best for you: • General Info: Schedule (Speakers, Stages, Performers, Demos), Venue Map, People Profiles. • Media: Photos, Videos, Event Archives, City/Site Information. • Customer Support: Feedback, FAQ’s, Reminder Alerts, Loyalty/ Discount Opportunities The Nuts & Bolts
  12. 12. Define what parts of an app work best for you: • Communications: Database Tool, Attendee Instant Messaging, Social Integration, Direct Communication (Push Notifications) • Registration: Ticket Sales, Session Sign Ups, Table Assignments. • Advanced Settings: Sponsor Advertising, Usage Analytics, Private Access The Nuts & Bolts (cont.)
  13. 13. Mobile is causing a diversification in social platforms. Users are moving toward multiple channels from the original, centralized format of Facebook, so creating apps that accommodate integration of those platforms is key. Allowing users to share content that is branded or event specific will also enhance core marketing strategies. A Word on Social Integration
  14. 14. The future is now with some unique and fast approaching technologies. Mobile.. From the Future Wearables not only allow users to experience a level of convenience even beyond their cellphones, but it will allow guests to interact with their surrounding in ways not possible before. Example: Tradeshow booths could cater content and experiences to the individual as they approach based on survey results embedded into their smart watch.
  15. 15. Looking for innovative ways to promote your event, your sponsors, and to drive social engagement expands your reach? Gamification is not just a Buzz Word People love competition. Identifying playful, engaging, and often times high stakes rewards for certain engagement points (Visit a Sponsor Site pre-event; Free ticket for every 3 friends that purchase; find the block of cheese on your way to the dairy conference, etc…) can enhance the experience of your guests and the exposure of your event.
  16. 16. LAST WORD FROM USERS Paper Programs and Handouts Are Not. App’s are cool.
  17. 17. IN CONCLUSION Mobile Apps should soon become the expectation of your guests and not making strides to develop event specific apps will put you at a disadvantage. The marketing opportunities available once that app is launched are endless and can last the lifetime of your event.
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