Philippe Cardyn - Distributed Marketing Empowers Brokers for Cross-Channel Campaigns


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Philippe Cardyn - Distributed Marketing Empowers Brokers for Cross-Channel Campaigns

  1. 1. POWER TO THE PEOPLE Distributed marketing empowers brokers for cross-channel campaigns EMDS - November 2011 Philippe Cardyn – Marketing Manager
  2. 2. Overview• Who we are• Retail banking and their needs• Our solution• Results
  3. 3. Artoos Elevator Pitch• Marketing Service Provider• Vertically integrated One-Stop-Shop for Marcom• Leader in Sustainable Print Production• 140 employees – 20 account managers - Team Creative Director/Copywriter - 4 Art Directors• Turnover 21 MIO EUR• Dedicated BU for Marcom Automation : Marcom Factory – 10 specialists (analysts, programmers, interaction designers,…)
  4. 4. Retail banking in Belgium• Large national/international banks  Restructuring their expensive network  Closing bank outlets in remote locations  Converting to self-banks• Smaller retail banks  Focus on local business  Personal contact remains important  Run by self-employed entrepreneurs  Second brands of large banks (ING, BNP-Paribas-Fortis, KBC)  Selling insurance products, adding retail banking to drive traffic
  5. 5. Persona : Bob the Broker • Independent • Hardworking • Knows his customers and his environment through personal sales contacts • Does everything by himself • 30-40 years old
  6. 6. Persona : Bill the Business Man • Formerly known as Bob the Broker • Grows his business and has an office staff • Larger customer base • Operating from several locations • 40-50 years old
  7. 7. Communication Needs?• Marketing Collateral for POS  Brochures, leaflets, catalogs, posters• Direct Marketing  sales letters  e-mailings  newsletters• Advertising  Print  online• Standard business stationery  Letterheads, appointment cards, business cards, …
  8. 8. But how do we do business with them?• There’s thousands of them out there, spread all over the country• They don’t know us• We don’t know them• Yet we send them invoices every month
  9. 9. Distributed Marketing ?• Central marketing organization • Campaign creation • Control over brand, message, communication channels• Decentralized sales organization • Franchise • Independent resellers • In charge of executing local campaigns
  10. 10. Distributed Marketing Platform• Online marketing toolbox• Available 24/7• Pre-loaded with customizable materials and ready-to-use campaign scenario’s• Tailored to the requirements of the brand owner, adapted to the needs of the local user  Marketing miles  Templated materials  Approval workflows  Best practice examples  Address selection/upload  Co-op or multisite
  11. 11. For Bob, Bill and all the others• Member login with profile  Address for communication/delivery/billing  Upload own photos of staff, offices  Business hours  Contact details• Saves previous orders/campaigns for reuse• Linked to customer/prospect-database  Central customer database distributed per user  Local database shielded from central marketing dept• With a marketing dashboard to track results
  12. 12. The technical solution• Front-end = webapplications• Powered by a Digital Asset Management System, a Templating engine and a cross-media publishing platform• All from industry standards• Integrated by our own staff to form a custom solution
  13. 13. Results• + 10 platforms built for Finance& Insurance since 2005 (20% of marketing platforms)• Users range from 10s to 100s• Generates hundreds of small print orders every month that aggregate to sizeable productions of standardized products• Generates small email-send batches that aggregate to a larger total email volume• Contributed to the ROI of workflow automation on shop floor
  14. 14. That’s all folksQuestions?