Jean Philippe Khristy - An overview of Sefas


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  • Strong partnership since 2010
  • Jean Philippe Khristy - An overview of Sefas

    1. 1. Digital Printing – 25th March An overview of SefasJean-Philippe KHRISTY
    2. 2. Agenda Corporate Presentation of SEFAS SEFAS SOLUTIONS Open Print Designer Open Print Producer Open Print Express 3 Use Cases CDC MAIF Hybrid mail and desktop document Partnership with Siav Sistemi Digitali and Use Case : AXPO Questions/Answers 2
    3. 3. SEFASPresentation 25 March 2013
    4. 4. SEFAS, a French International Company Established since 1991 – more than 20 years of experience Owned 100% by Docapost : A European holding specialised in solutions and services around document management Subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste 50 people in France (Paris, Belfort, Lille) International presence for 12 years (50 employees) More than 150 customers worldwide Headquarter and R&D Department in France SEFAS is ranked 75 in the top 100 French Software Editors - Truffle Capital – Avril 2012 Consolidated revenue : • 8,3 millions euro in 2010 • 11,4 millions euro in 2011
    5. 5. SEFAS, an International Presence ►France : Paris, Belfort, Lille ►Spain : Madrid ►UK -> Sefas Innovation Ltd. : Bristol/Londres ►USA -> Sefas Innovation Inc. : Boston/New York
    6. 6. SEFAS Strategy Customer Relationship is our main concerns Continuous improvement of product quality 2012 Recruitment in R&D, QA et Prodcut Marketing Teams Outils de tests de charge et de détection de failles de sécurité Load testing and detection of security vulnerabilities tools implementation Industrialisation and and environment awareness ISO 9001 (company + product developement) ISO 14 001 • Reduction of business impact on the environment (choice of hardwares, ..) • Awareness of each staff member on environment protection ISO 27001 (in progress : target 2013) CMMI • Best practices in engineering • 5 predefined levels , level 3 targeted for 2014 Agility Solutions Department created in January 2012 Open Print Express launched in May 2012
    7. 7. SEFAS : Credible & respected “ a significant and viable solution for ADF implementation ” “ a leading solution … should be considered when looking at TransPromo capability ” “ ideally equipped for document-centric enterprises where compliance, auditing and usage optimisation are important KPIs ” “ the best overall solution for combining full functionality with open architecture ”
    8. 8. SEFAS main french customers
    9. 9. SEFAS main customers UK & US
    10. 10. Open PrintSolutions Presentation March 2013
    11. 11. Open Print Suite Open Print : end to end solution of document management Input Management (data and documents) Composition & Re-engineering Output Management Interaction with Business end user Production monitoring and supervision Three product offerings Open Print Designer : Design Workshop for document applications Open Print Producer : Control center of the document factory Open Print Express : Integrated and easy to “take in hand” solutions 11
    12. 12. Open Print Suite 12
    13. 13. Open Print Designer Document Application Workshop Data & Print Stream acquisition Document Composition • Dynamic Composition – Business Document Intelligence Re-engineering of legacy document appplications • Cartography of document streams - modernisation and enrichment Output Management • Automation – Sorting, grouping, splitting features - output channels Interaction with business end users • User Friendly Interface – On demand composition (smart forms) 13
    14. 14. Open Print Designer - Composition Enterprise document design Output communication standardization Enterprise visual identity and logo management Business content management Data acquisition and business rules presentation Dynamic composition – Business Document Intelligence Industrial production Application design optimization Document properties (metadata) Efficient maintenance of document content 14
    15. 15. Open Print Designer – Re-engineering Handling of legacy applications Document format conversion Stream structure re-arrangement (mailpieces, documents, pages) Document Revamping Data capture and reuse Personalized rich content insertion (graphics, tables) Document colorization Production optimisation Adaptation to evolving output capabilities (paper, electronic) Enhanced streams properties (metadata) 15
    16. 16. Open Print Designer – Interaction with end user On demand document creation Document services in a web environment Direct communication between manager and recipient Coached personalization session Real-time enhancement of the final document Content and layout modification Business context integration User data extract and feedback Document integration into the business process Approval workflow 16
    17. 17. Open Print Designer – Interaction with end user Aided interactive composition • Static or dynamic smart forms • Content control (data type, data entering) • Steps ranging managed by the user and/or driven by data 17
    18. 18. Open Print Designer – Interaction with end user Free interactive composition • Interaction with the document view (click to view) Management and control of the resource editor according to the document or user rights • Editing text with formatting features Editing pictures, lists ... Resources insertion 18
    19. 19. Open Print Designer – Output Management Production organization Grouping, sorting, splitting and franking Output channel management (paper, electronic) Centralization of office-originated documents Postal preparation & optimization Production automation Industrial printing preparation Hardware control file creation 19
    20. 20. Open Print Producer Automated Document Factory Control Center Production Control • Dashboard for complete visibility • Automated production Track and Audit • Job, Mailpiece & document level • Ensures completeness at each step Operational Integrity • Load Balancing at each step • Service Level Monitoring 20
    21. 21. Open Print Producer – Production Control System Integration Links production control infrastructure Bidirectional sharing of information Process Automation Proactively guides production process Automated alert and messaging Production Visibility Document / transaction level tracking Real time workload management 21
    22. 22. Open Print Producer – Production Control 22
    23. 23. Open Print Producer – Track and Audit Service Level Tracking Workload balancing based on service level commitment Proactive monitoring and alerts Queue / Device Management Monitor and manage entire production process Monitor and manage physical devices in multiple sites Regulatory Compliance Complete audit trail to transaction level Extract reports to compliance systems 23
    24. 24. Open Print Producer – Operational Integrity Production Proofing Pre-Print QA enables electronic pulls prior to print View production runs prior to printing Automated Reprint Process original printing jobs in closed loop Driven by inserting and printing results, tracked for each original job Document Tracking Display status of individual transactions Maintains integrity even during splits, merges and sorting steps 24
    25. 25. Open Print Express Integrated and user friendly document management solutions Convergence of the various document types Marketing, business and desktop Documents Collection, optimisation and industrialisation of document workflows User-oriented access Web interfaces in connection with the user workstation Approval and signature of documents Interoperability Fast and easy "turnkey” deployment Fluid conveying of documents in the different modules 25
    26. 26. Open Print Express HM Express « Hybrid Mail » Desktop Document Management Hybrid Mail = grouping business and desktop documents in the same output management solution Portal solution for Documents collection • Document collection (virtual printer / web User Interface) • Approval Workflow Centralisation of desktop hybrid documents • Aggregation of single documents • Industrialisation (content factorisation) Document Processes Management • Document tracking and follow-up • Multi channel delivery • Reporting et billing features 26
    27. 27. Open Print Express HM 27
    28. 28. Open Print Express DF Express « Document FrontEnd » End User workflow Interface High level user interaction in document management solutions • User control for on demand document composition – Editing content, backup / recovery features – Approval, contributions, alert, escalation process • User control for document application processes – Deployment into production environment (templates, applications, …) – Project management features – electronic signing system (certificates) Generic and flexible Workflow features • Can be used for user control and approval of any configured step • Is available as a Saas solution for web deployment 28
    29. 29. Open Print Express DF 29
    30. 30. Open Print Express PM Express « Production Manager » 100% web interface (with easy access to end user profiles) Output management solution Scheduling integrated engine Relying on a flexible workflow for document production steps supervision and monitoring Print / dispatch workflow management Devices/Printer spool management Scheduling, accounting, reporting, control & supervision features 30
    31. 31. Open Print Express PM 31
    32. 32. Open Print Express DM Express « Dynamic Marketing » Marketing & publishing cross media platform 100% lightweight Saas solution Full featured document creation User Interface Targeted for marketing and publishing world Object qualification (asset management) Electronic channel delivery (portal, CMS, Slideshow, Video …) Convergence with relationnal business document Dedicated UI for marketing content creation Delivery of templates and documents to ADF (Automated Document Factory) 32
    33. 33. Open Print Express DM 33
    34. 34. Open Print Express DC Express « Document Capture » ADR / OCR (Automatic document Recognition / character & content) Videocoding • Solution can drive multiple scan hardwares Powerful recognition system with OCR engine • Barcode recognition • Printed text • Hand written text Document “pattern” recognition (invoice, letters, …) • Defining areas where content is analyzed Document database management for archiving systems 34
    35. 35. Open Print Express DC 35
    36. 36. Use CasesPresentation 25 March 2013
    37. 37. USE CASE CDC : Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Client : Caisse des Dépôts is publicly owned and is one of France’s largest financial institutions providing services in banking, fund management, pensions and investments. The challenge Migration and consolidation of document production repositories (25 million pages per year) - including batch composition and interactive business use The solution Open Print Designer : Composition and Interactive Composition modules Customer benefits Savings of €1.000.000 in infrastructure and mailing costs Can be used by business sector teams Provides control of document system and strategic developments
    38. 38. USE CASE MAIF Client : MAIF is one of France’s largest mutual insurer (3,5 million of car insurances) The challenge : Centralisation and collaborative sharing of incoming and outgoing letter processing for 145 regional branches,16 customer contact points and 12 claims management centers The solution Open Print Designer : Document composition software solutions for the creation, composition and optimisation of document production Open Print Express DC : Integrated solution for the automated, digitisation, recognition and reading of incoming documents Customer benefits Productivity: 25,000 outgoing letters and 12,000 incoming letters processed every day Operational agility: incoming and outgoing letters are centralised in a shared EDM (Electronic Document Management) system Customer satisfaction: optimised document composition and identification accelerate the processing of enquiries and requests
    39. 39. Hybrid mail and desktop document : Groupe BPCE Founded in 2009, Groupe BPCE is one of France’s largest financial institutions with a total turnover of €23.1bn, with 36 million customers and 117,000 employees. Groupe BPCE provides banking and insurance services and includes some of France’s leading brand names including: Banque Populaire, Caisses d’Epargne, and Natixis. Using Express HM technology, 37,000,000 letters per annum are processed from branches and decentralised offices into regional production centres across 8,000 users. BPCE has benefitted from annual savings of €16 million per annum from the original baselined cost. Average savings equal €0.43 (or 36 pence) per letter. 39
    40. 40. Hybrid mail and desktop document : CNAMTS CNAM is the French governmental agency responsible for the administration of the national health system and has been a customer of Sefas since 1997 Using Express HM capabilities, CNAM volumes have grown from 30 million to processing 80 million letters per year (300 000 letters per day) across 40,000 users. Annual savings are €13 million per annum. Average savings equal €0.43 (or 36 pence) per letter or €32.50 (£27) per user. 40
    41. 41. Partnership with SSD Presentation 25 March 2013
    42. 42. Merci de votre attention 42