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A Body Of Work By Evelyn Huffcut Harrison


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Accomplishments in fine art, graphics and marketing spanning 25+ years

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A Body Of Work By Evelyn Huffcut Harrison

  1. 1. A Body of Work “Attempts to find my niche in the art world led me from sculpture and printmaking into graphic design, then into teaching, web development and marketing.” By Evelyn H. Harrison
  2. 2. Fine Art 1978 to present Untitled, oil pastels on watercolor paper, 1992
  3. 3. Untitled, charcoal on newsprint, 1980 Untitled, charcoal and ink on watercolor paper, 1981
  4. 4. Abstract Forms, carved plaster cast, 1978
  5. 5. Untitled, plaster cast of bust sculpted in oil base clay, 1978
  6. 6. Thundering Springs, on multi-media paper, 1992 Navarre, watercolor multi-media paper, 1992 paper, 1993 PCB, watercolor on watercolor on multi-media
  7. 7. The Escape, theprint onon on rag rag paper, 1980paper, 1980 Shrunken to screen print Archespaper, 1980rag Swans, screenintaglio rag paper, 1980 Hawk, screen print on screen on paper, on The Door Head,Soul, rag paper, 1980 1979 African Mask, screen print print 1980 Tiger, screen print on rag paper, series (Breast Cancer Awareness)
  8. 8. Garden Steps, acrylic mural on brick wall and metal door, 2001 Castle, acrylic acrylic onon sheetrock wall, 2001 Triptych, acrylic mural sheetrock, 2002 Trellis, acrylic mural on sheetrock ceiling, 2001 Lighthouses, mural mural on sheetrock,
  9. 9. Graphic Design 1980 to present Ada, black and white photograph, 1992
  10. 10. Dark Strokes, hand-colored black and white photograph, 1993 Eddie, black and white photograph, 1992 Blinds, black and white photograph, 1994
  11. 11. Natalie, color photograph, 1995 Rachael, color photograph, 1995 photograph, 1995 Mendoza, color photograph, 1994 Savannah Hats Self Portrait, color
  12. 12. Parrot Book, series of gouache paintings on rag paper, 1982 Parrot Book, handmade paper / rag board / parrotis Harold.)1982 (This feathers,
  13. 13. Design series contrasting man and nature’s methods of flight... Helicopter and Hummingbird, Parachute and Dandelion, Glider and Gull, gouache on gouache on illustration gouache on illustration illustration board, 1983 board, 1983 board, 1983 Glider and Bubble, Balloon and Comet, gouache on illustration board, 1983 Shuttleand Squirrel, gouache on illustration board, 1983
  14. 14. Teaching 1990 to 1995 “I devoted my creative energy to providing a quality art program for all students by implementing a curriculum representing the diverse ethnic cultures present in the metropolitan Atlanta area.” Cross Keys High School, Field Trip to 7th Grade Intro to Art, 1993 Sequoya Junior High School, High Museum of 1990
  15. 15. Clay Mask Medallions
  16. 16. Coil Construction Marble Tracks
  17. 17. Ceramic tile mural Sculpting from a live model
  18. 18. Louise Nevelson Wood Sculpture
  19. 19. Paper Maché Masks
  20. 20. Brancusi / Moore Plaster Sculpture
  21. 21. Forms Still Life
  22. 22. Oil Pastels and Prisma Color
  23. 23. Painting
  24. 24. Portraits
  25. 25. David Hockney Lesson Trees in Motion Assignment
  26. 26. Printmaking Advanced Placement Studio Art Classes (AP)
  27. 27. London Mont San Michelle, France Paris Beach, Normandy Stonehenge Salisbury Omaha Madrid
  28. 28. 1998: Both a Local Gold Award from the American Advertising Awards and a Davis Productivity Award for contributing a web site to the Florida Forestry Association’s Florida Forests Forever campaign <> 1999: Marketing Second Place Statewide 1997: Davis Productivity Award in the Best Web Site Personal Initiative 1995 to present Category from the Florida Award from the Florida Festivals and Events State Government as Association for the Florida the department’s Web State Fair Authority web site Site Project Manager 1997: Local Silver Award from the American Advertising Awards for the Tropical Fruit web site on line at
  29. 29. 2002: 2000: Silver Award from the American Advertising Awards for contributing Local Local Silver Award from the American Advertising Awards for a web site to the Dive Into Tropical Fish marketing Awards for American Advertising campaign contributing a Marketing the Development web site the Division ofweb site to and Trailwalker Program 2001: Local Silver Award from the American Advertising Awards for the A Path for US Citrus Products: China Consumer Research marketing report
  30. 30. Risk Management Grant Partnership from the USDA Federal Crop Insurance Corporation for producing a publication entitled the Florida Agri-Journal Awarded for fiscal years: 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05 Funded in house for fiscal year 2005-06
  31. 31. 2003: Local Silver Award from the American Advertising Awards for the China Forestry Trade Mission: A Path for Florida Timber marketing report
  32. 32. 2004: 2003: Grant from the USDA’s Federal- State Marketing Improvement Program (FSMIP) for a market an international domestic market research research project project Nopalitos: entitled entitled Early Sweet: Florida’s NewA New Way New Creating ato Niche Production Market of CommodityGrapefruit to Generation Y Grapefruit Consumers
  33. 33. 2008: 2007: 2006: Grant from the USDA’s Federal- State Marketing Improvement Program (FSMIP) for a domestic market domestic market research project entitled Sub-Tropical Tasti-Lee TomatoFresh Peach MarketWinter Market Improvement Project Sweet Corn Market Improvement Project
  34. 34. “Turning an avocation38 years refining my skills “I have spent the last into a vocation can be a daunting proposition.” and facing professional challenges.” “The drive to turn my love for art into a profession has taken me to this crossroads in my career: to obtain a master’s degree in Arts Administration.”
  35. 35. Evelyn H. Harrison 6400 Kingman Trail Tallahassee, Florida 32309 Cell: 850-566-8567 Permanent Address: PO Box 54 Wacissa, Florida 32361