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Webinar Cross Industry Innovation


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Presentatieslides van de webinar Cross Industry Innovation op 29 april 2016. Door Peter Bertels (FlandersDC) en Bart Devoldere (Vlerick Business School)

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Webinar Cross Industry Innovation

  1. 1. CROSS- INDUSTRY INNOVATIE Bart Devoldere & Peter Bertels
  2. 2. Vlerick Business School
  3. 3. Inspiration driving our economy 52.9% 14 / 16
  4. 4. Bekijk alle projecten op
  5. 5. What is cross-industry innovation? q A process in which organisations across industries collaborate and inspire each other to find a common challenge and to develop an innovation that can be commercialised. q Cross-industry spill-overs are central to cross-industry innovation.
  6. 6. PRoF case study: cross-industry innovation at work! Trends Search for people to understand How relevant for me?
  7. 7. Cross-industry innovation process Devoldere et al. (2015): Managing cross-industry innovation clusters
  8. 8. Call for action q Get started on your own or in clusters… and give us feedback on the process and the tool q Open research and policy questions: § Freedom to experiment versus disruptingvested infrastructure § How to steer competition/cooperation amongfirms and individuals? § Investingin inspiration and valorization, not innovation? q What is your next step after this webinar to grap the cross- industry innovationpotential?
  9. 9. Peter Bertels @pbertels BART DEVOLDERE @bart_devoldere