The art of sales


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  • Balloon seller
  • How many of you watched football? It is not just about 22 men chasing a small ball. There is lots of philosophy, strategy in a game.
  • To continue to provide faster bb in a new data world, we have to realise the phenomena and impact of the great shift that is happening.
  • B2B, B2C?
  • The art of sales

    1. 1. ART of SALES Michael Lai Chief Executive Officer
    2. 2. Football in SalesThe Art of Sales The AIDA of Marketing & Sales
    3. 3. Where’s Sales team? Sales Team Strikers
    4. 4. No Team. No Sales. No Win.
    5. 5. Football in SalesThe Art of Sales The AIDA of Marketing & Sales
    6. 6. Cold Call? Door-to-Door?
    7. 7. The AIDA of Marketing & Sales MARKETING SALES Awareness. Interest. Desire. Action.
    8. 8. The AIDA of Marketing & SalesMARKETING Popular Face-to-face TechnologyAwareness.Interest.
    9. 9. The AIDA of Marketing & SalesNew Customer SALESRepeated Customer + Upsell Desire. Action.
    10. 10. Football in SalesThe Art of Sales The AIDA of Marketing & Sales
    11. 11. Is Sales an ART or a SCIENCE? Sales: Is it Art or Is it Science? Posted on June 13th, 2008 by Dave Stein That’s a question I’m often asked about business-to-business selling. I define science (in this application of the word) as the ability and willingness of a person to follow a set of processes in order to carry on the business of day-to-day selling. Examples would be formal planning, the use of checklists, dependence upon research, vigilant qualification, etc. Traditionally, people who demonstrated such behavior have been labeled left-brained. With that in mind, then art (again, as applied to selling) is the ability to excel at such things as interpreting nuances in a customer’s behavior, effectively responding to a question with relevant examples (and diagrams), making decisions based upon gut feel, counting on instinct and acting upon hunches as a critical success factor. That’s typical right-brained behavior. In my experience, and in the opinion of many sales experts I trust, successful business to business sales people depend on 80 to 90% science and only 10 to 20% art.
    12. 12. SALES20% Art 80% Science
    13. 13. Understanding “Why BUY?” Why BUY 1. Anything? 2. Your brand? 3. Now?
    14. 14. The Power MapCustomer’s Org Chart
    15. 15. F(s) = F (m) + F(c) + F(t) + F(fu)
    16. 16.