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Teen health


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student presentations about teenage health

Published in: Lifestyle
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Teen health

  1. 1. Health is very important to us. Healthy habits, including eating and being physically active, can help us feel good, look good, and do your best in school, work, or sports.
  2. 2. Us teenagers should eat healthy food like vegetables and fruits. Teenagers always think that they are fat or that they have big stomach and then they don‘t eat anything or they go on diet. But that‘s not a good excuse.
  3. 3. Junk food is bad for our healthy. We should avoid junk food, because it‘s not healthy and it has lots of fat and sugar.
  4. 4. We shouldn‘t spend lots of time in front of computer. We should exercise and play something, like football. If we exercise our body will be healthier and fitter.
  5. 5. Smoking is bad for teenagers. Most people start smoking when they are in their teens. It‘s hard to give up smoking. So don‘t start smoking in the first place.
  6. 6. One of the most important ways to take care of our skin is to protect it from the sun. Then we have to wear sunscreen, sunglasses and hat. We should avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun's rays are strongest.
  7. 7. We should wear shoes that fit properly. Because if we will wear high-heels we will get a foot pain and problems in the future.
  8. 8. Take care of your body. If you won‘t take care of it your body will have problems when you will be older. Also don‘t spend lots of time in front of computer. Go somewhere with your friends or go for a walk instead of taking a bus.