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Helping the environment miroslav jakus


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How to save the environment.

Published in: Environment
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Helping the environment miroslav jakus

  1. 1. Helping The Environment Miroslav Jakus
  2. 2. The biggest cause is deforestation. Every year over 200,000 square kilometres of the world’s forests are destroyed. What is happening to our environment?
  3. 3. In many cases, the land is wanted for farmes and the trees are just burnt down. As a results, billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere.
  4. 4. Greenhouse gases, like CO2 are released into the atmosphere.
  5. 5. A lot of greenhouse gases are produced when fossile fuels a burnt by power stations, factories, cars and aeroplanes.
  6. 6. Heat from the Sun is trapped by these gases and gradually the world is getting warmer.
  7. 7. The consequences of global warming can be: flood, drought, forest fire, melting ice…
  8. 8. We can help to the environment if we:  Will plants a lot of trees…
  9. 9.  Stop useing a cars which are going on gas, for exemple we can ride a bike, go walk…
  10. 10. Use solar energy or windmills…
  11. 11. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!