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Countable (c) and uncountable (u


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short overview of countable and uncountable nouns with food

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Countable (c) and uncountable (u

  1. 1. CAN YOU COUNT HOW MANY? YES - Countable NO – Uncountable
  2. 2. So... Countable or uncountable? A SANDWICH TUNA AN EGG SUGAR LEMONADE BREAD AN ONION A TOMATO A GRAPE RICE WHY? 1 sandwich .. 2 sandwiches 1 tuna – 2 tunas? 1 egg – 2 eggs 1 sugar – 2 suggars? 1 lemonade – 2 lemonades? 1 bread – 2 breads? 1 onion – 2 onions 1 tomato – 2 tomatos 1 grape -2 grapes 1 rice – 2 rices?
  3. 3. BUT! When we add how much of something, it becomes countable! Water (uncountable) Chocolate (uncountable) Coffee (uncountable) Pork (uncountable) Crisps (uncountable) Beans (uncountable) Butter (countable) Bread (uncountable) BUT! A glass of water (countable) A bar of chocolate (countable) A cup of coffee (countable) A plate of pork (countable) A packet of crisps (countable) A bowl of beans (countable) A piece of butter (countable) A slice / loaf of bread (countable)
  4. 4. HOW MANY? UNCOUNTABLE HOW MUCH? I want 2 eggs. I need 3 apples. Can I have 2 glasses of water? I would like 4 tomatos please. I would like some cheese. I would like some pork please. I need three kilos of tuna. Can I have some bread?