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Articles – the or zero article


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A short exercise about articles

Published in: Education
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Articles – the or zero article

  1. 1. X X The The X The X The Before rivers and seas? Before roads, streets, parks? Before most bridges? (But: The Golden Gate Bridge) With places that have ’of’ With posessive’s (’s) With theatres and cinemas? YES – NO! – NO – YES – NO! - YES
  2. 2. DEFINITE (the) AND INDEFINITE (a/an) ARTICLES A / AN 1. When we talk about something for the first time! I watched a film last night. I saw a cat here. 2. After There’s .... Is there .....? Is there a doctor in the building? There is a bank on the corner. THE 1. When we talk about something again! Oh really? Was the movie good? The cat was all black. 2. With superlatives and ordinal numbers It is the biggest house in the street. It is on the first turning on the left. 3. When there is only one of something. The Sun is very hot. We saw the President.
  3. 3. Is there a supermarket near here? Yes there is. Go straight on until you see a bridge. Cross the bridge and take the first turn on the left. The supermarket should be on your right. Thanx. And is there a post office? Yes there is. It’s right next to the big blue house on the corner. You can’t miss it. Thank you.