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Sample Project
Usability Task List

Task List Usability Testing Veeker
Thanks for coming
Questions about agreement
Highly confidential
Technical setup
Not testing you
Testing paper prototype, use imagination, scenarios, use pen as a mouse

Live website:
Task 1: homepage exploration and label check:
BEFORE looking at website: Label Test
Before we start I would like to get your feedback on the name of the service we will be
looking at today
How do you think you spell ‘Veeker’?
o What do think of the name ‘Veeker’? Is it memorable? Hip?
o “A Veek is a ‘video peek’” – does that make it more catchy? What do you
associate it with? (mobile? adult?)

First we will be looking at the live Website.
What is your first impression when looking at this website?
What do you think Veeker is all about?
What do you think of the name Veeker?
o What do you think you need and or need to do in order to be able to use Veeker?
o Where would you go in order to find out?
Looking at the main navigation: can you tell me, without clicking on anything yet what you
think you would see once you click on the tabs?

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