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10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating RIAs


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Anthony Franco, president of EffectiveUI, outlines 10 pitfalls to avoid when developing rich internet applications (RIAs).

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10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating RIAs

  1. 1. Top 10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating RIAs Anthony Franco President & Founder, EffectiveUI |
  2. 2. R ich I nternet A pplication
  3. 3. R ich ( engaging ) I nternet ( connected ) A pplication ( software )
  4. 4. ( engaging ) ( connected ) ( software )
  5. 5. should always be: software Rich Internet Applications
  6. 6. pitfall #1 using the term “ RIA“
  7. 7. cure: care about creating engaging, connected software
  8. 8. symptom: “we want to build an android application”
  9. 9. question: do all users care about “multi channel”?
  10. 10. pitfall #2 Putting channel before user needs
  11. 11. cure: ask “why” (uncover user & business needs)
  12. 12. symptom: “the development is complete, all we need to do now is add a skin”
  13. 13. question: when should you think about skinning an application?
  14. 14. pitfall #3 skinning
  15. 15. cure: ux first
  16. 16. symptom: everything seems to be going great, until...
  17. 17. question why do big problems show up late in a project?
  18. 18. pitfall #4 avoiding conflict
  19. 19. cure embrace conflict and imperfection
  20. 20. symptom: confused or disenfranchised development team
  21. 21. question how do you keep the team engaged and passionate about a project?
  22. 22. pitfall #5 developers are not involved in design
  23. 23. cure get development passionate about the end user
  24. 24. symptom: the project is changed often by stake holders
  25. 25. symptom #2: the project has conflicting objectives
  26. 26. question have you been on a project where there was a lack of clarity and purpose?
  27. 27. pitfall #6 not defining success not setting priorities
  28. 28. cure: before you begin, ensure consensus on the “win” and set priorites
  29. 29. symptom: never enough time for good development, user testing or quality assurance
  30. 30. question do great plans promise great products?
  31. 31. you can not treat software development like a construction project
  32. 32. The Broken Analogy “A bridge is the sum of its parts. The pieces of metal and welds and everything else all add up to a single, static bridge. A software system is the behavior created by the dynamic interaction of its parts” EffectiveUI The art of building great experiences in software
  33. 33. Things you would never have to deal with while constructing a bridge:
  34. 34. Can we move the bridge 17 feet to the left? It’s only 17 feet, so that’s not a big deal, right?
  35. 35. We aren’t very happy with how the bridge looks so far. Can you propose a change in the kind of materials you’re using to make it more attractive?
  36. 36. Remember when you asked us whether the bridge would ever need to support vehicle traffic and not just pedestrian traffic, and we weren’t sure, so we just settled on the cheaper pedestrian version? Well, we were wrong. What can you do to make this work for our needs?
  37. 37. We’ve hired an offshore company to start building from the other side of the valley so we can cut the construction time in half. They’re making some improvements on your design, so please coordinate with them to make sure everything comes together ahead of schedule.
  38. 38. pitfall #7 Waterfall
  39. 39. cure: plan for unpredictability and then interate
  40. 40. symptom: the software meets the requirements but is not adopted by users
  41. 41. do users care about features?
  42. 42. pitfall #8 Putting requirements ahead of outcomes
  43. 43. cure understand user goals
  44. 44. symptom: “I know best about what our users need”
  45. 45. how does your organization derive features?
  46. 46. pitfall #9 Ego
  47. 47. cure: the voice of the user (rigorous empathy)
  48. 48. symptom: platform paralysis
  49. 49. question HTML 5? Flash? Silverlight? HTML 4? Native To Device?
  50. 50. pitfall #10 Choosing the wrong platform
  51. 51. cure: it depends
  52. 52. 1. Using the term RIA 2. Putting channel before product 3. Skinning 4. Avoiding conflict 5. Developers aren’t involved in design 6. Not defining success 7. Waterfall 8. Requirements ahead of outcomes 9. Ego 10. Choosing the wrong platform
  53. 53. thank you Anthony Franco President & Founder, EffectiveUI |