Adjective order rob


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Adjective order rob

  1. 1. ADJECTIVE ORDER and other words that come before nouns EVA
  2. 2. Article, Possessive, Quantifier, Number, or Demonstrative First! • • • • • • • • • • a/an the my their some many any this those etc.
  3. 3. Number after article (or in place of) • Three (e.g., The three students at the front of the class were early.) • First (e.g., The one thing I learned was how to smile.) • Many- used with plurals (e.g., There are many mountains in Canada.) • Some- usually used with uncountable nouns (e.g., I would like some water.)
  4. 4. First Orders • • • • • • Possessive OR article- a/n, the first, next and last (previous) numbers-one, two, three, etc. The first three days His last two jobs My next holiday
  5. 5. Next-Opinions before Facts! • 'OPINION' ADJECTIVES • Adjectives like beautiful and nice are opinion adjectives. They tell us what you think about somebody or something. • 'FACT' ADJECTIVES • Adjectives like new, large, and blue are fact adjectives. They give us factual information about age, size, and color.
  6. 6. Examples of opinion before fact: • - an interesting (opinion) old (fact) • • • • • book - some refreshing (o) cool (f ) water - A nice (o) Spanish (f) guitar - A delicious (o) chocolate (f) cake - a pair of classy (o) leather (f) shoes - A beautiful (opinion) small (f) yellow (f) Chinese (f) doll
  7. 7. Fact Adjectives (there are many, many categories – here are some of them): • SIZE:       How big?         Large, small, tiny, enormous • AGE:      How old?           New, young, old, ancient • SHAPE:    What shape?     Square, round, rectangular, flat • COLOUR:    What color?      Blue, pink, yellow, green • ORIGIN:    Where from?      Thai, Canadian, American, Chinese • MATERIAL: What it is made of?    Plastic, metal, glass, wooden • PURPOSE : What it  is used for?    Racing 
  8. 8. Adjective Order (examples): • a wonderful old Italian clock (opinion -  age - origin)  • two big square blue boxes (dimension -  shape - color)  • fresh blue cotton sheets (opinion -  color - material)  • a pair of slim new French pants  (dimension - age - origin) 
  9. 9. Although there are exceptions, adjectives of size and shape often come first. • The round glass table (NOT the glass round table) • A big, modern brick house (NOT a modern, big brick house) • A pair of Long steel poles • A tall, ancient oak tree 
  10. 10. Adjectives of color, origin, material and purpose usually go in that order. • Color origin material purpose noun red Spanish leather riding boots brown German beer mug Venetian glass flower vase
  11. 11. Too Much to Remember? • Probably, but practice will help • Try not to use too many adjectives at once! • If you can’t remember, use a chart!