Google Coping with Change


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Google updates, how they affect businesses, how to adapt, and what to watch out for.

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Google Coping with Change

  1. 1. Google -Coping with Change
  2. 2. OR“Are You There Google? It’s Me, Margaret”
  3. 3. Evan LacivitaSEO (Search Engine Optimizer)
  4. 4. What am I talking about?• Google, and how it changes• How those changes can affect you• What you can do about it
  5. 5. Why is this important?• Because it’s Google• Because it’s your Business• Because it will keep changing
  6. 6. Search Market Share 65.4% Google The Others Data provided by ComScore
  7. 7. What are some major Google changes?
  8. 8. Google Places
  9. 9. Google Local Result: The 7 Pack
  10. 10. Google Local Result: The 2 Pack
  11. 11. Google Local Result: The Hybrid
  12. 12. Google Maps: The Place Page
  13. 13. 20% of Google Searches Are Local (40% on Mobile) - Marissa Mayer of Google
  14. 14. What Should You Do?• Create a Google Places listing• Claim your listing• Fill out your listing completely• Encourage reviews on your listing
  15. 15. Panda
  16. 16. Wait, Panda?
  17. 17. What’s Panda?• Update to Google’s algorithm (Feb 2011)• “Low Quality” sites drop in the rankings• Affects entire site, not just the page• Looks at site’s content, load speed, design, etc.
  18. 18. Intended to hit spam sites that were crowdingthe rankings, it dramatically altered the resultspage and profoundly affected the internet.It has been improved and updated regularly, andwill continue to be updated.
  19. 19. What Should You Do?• Original, high quality content for entire site• Cater to the user’s needs• Cut out shallow pages, remove excess• Ensure entire site functions, loads quickly
  20. 20. Watch out for: Future PandasGoogle is likely to further refine the way it evaluates backlinks Ensure you have relevant backlinks from high quality sites
  21. 21. Google +
  22. 22. What is it?Google’s Social Media platform Profiles Friends Updates Sharing +1s (similar to likes)It’s like facebook, but it’s Google
  23. 23. Google+ Facts• Launched June 28, 2011 as invitation-only• Reached 10 million users in 16 days• Opened to the public Sept 20, 2011• 62 million users as of Dec 27, 2011
  24. 24. So What?• Free pages for businesses• +1’s are currently visible in search results• Increased integration with Google is likely• Estimated to reach 400 million users in 2012 (lofty)
  25. 25. Google+ Business Page
  26. 26. What Should You Do?• Make a Google+ account• Create a business page• Monitor it, keep it updated as necessary• Don’t Panic
  27. 27. Google – Ever Changing
  28. 28. What Should You Do?Google wants to deliver their users the best results. Be the best result.
  29. 29. Questions?Evan LacivitaBurst Marketing