Contemporary Slovakian Glass Art - Exhibition


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Contemporary Slovakian Glass Art

14. APRIL – 26. JUNE. 2011

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Contemporary Slovakian Glass Art - Exhibition

  1. 1. Press releaseThe Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Riga in cooperation with the Museum ofDecorative Arts and Design in Riga presents the exhibition ContemporarySlovak Glass Art – a Selection assembled and curated by Palo Macho, Patrik Illoand Zora Petrášová.The exhibition features oeuvre of 14 Slovak authors, graduates from TheAcademy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Artistic glass making inSlovakia in then Czechoslovakia had evolved in parallel with the Czech glassmaking.In 1965 the Department of Glass in Architecture was established at theAcademy of Fine Arts and Design with Václav Cígler becoming its firstprofessor. Askold Žačko, Juraj Gavula and Viktor Oravec followed later asheads of this Department. Nowadays, it is headed by Patrik Illo.The creation of the Department of Glass in Architecture had a tremendous effectof promoting glass to sculptural substance for creating artistic artifacts.The exhibition offers several views into various authentic approaches, differentpostures and philosophy of perception of glass making in Slovakia.Miloš Balgavý studied under Václav Cígler. He creates minimal geometricalobjects from glass, based on neat shapes, optical perfection of material, precisetechnique of grinding and polishing allowing him to achieve conceptualcompositions – architectural objects in space.Drahomír Prihel and Viktor Oravec studied and graduated under Askold Žačko.Drahomír Prihel´s technique includes grinding and melting. He creates innerspace, works with reflection of inner structures.Viktor Oravec as a member of conceptual group P.O.P. in the late seventies andmid eighties of the 20th c. creates installations and performance. He uses flatglass, accidentally found fragments resulting in creation of final artifacts.Slavomír Bachorík, František Csandal, Patrik Illo, Palo Macho and IvicaMarkovičová studied and graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Designunder Juraj Gavula who became head of the Department of Glass after „TheVelvet Revolution“ in 1989.
  2. 2. Slavomír Bachorík creates sculptures from various materials. Glass for himrepresents a sculptural substance bringing light and transparence to plastic art.František Csandal uses melting and grinding technique, he shifts the significanceof materials and creates spontaneous inner space in glass.Patrik Illo presents his design work. He is the top designer of Rona a.s. inLednické Rovne, the biggest glass making factory in Slovakia. At the same time,he is head of the Department of Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts and Designin Bratislava.Palo Macho paints and draws on melted sheet glass. He arranges paintings inlayers which enables him to create paintings in space.Ivica Markovičová seals various materials into sheet glass creating structuredand graphic compositions.Lenka Šimonyiová studied and graduated under Viktor Oravec. She creates fromsheet optical glass. She makes objects based on optical effects of glass bycutting, grinding and polishing.Zuzana Rudavská graduated from The Prague Academy of Fine Arts. Shecreates paintings and objects from various materials.Ján Zoričák studied at The Prague Academy of Fine Arts under Václav Plátek.He graduated under Stanislav Libenský. His creation makes him one of the mostremarkable glass makers in the world. He lives and works in France.The exhibit gives a chance to present actual concepts and tendencies ofgraduates and just graduates from The Academy of Fine Arts and Design/Tomáš Ondrušek, Danica Balgavá/ seeking new evaluation of technological andesthetic principles of work with glass substance.The exhibition in Riga will last until June 26, 2011 and will be later displayedalso in other northern European cities.Zora Petrášová