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How to make a solar cooker


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Published in: Education
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How to make a solar cooker

  1. 1. Comenius teamShpogy Secondary school
  2. 2. SOLAR COOKERA solar cooker uses the energy of the Sun to cook food. Anessential part of the cooker is a reflector- a shiny surfacethat reflects and concentrates the Sun’s energy. Theyusually have parabolic shape, the size may differ. VERY BIG RATHER SMALL
  3. 3. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SOLAR COOKER• Three broad categories: the box cooker first• box cookers; built by Horace de Saussure in 1767;• panel cookers; Reach temperature 90–150 °C• reflector cookers. focus light on a cooking container these are in use in Refugee reach temperatures of 315 °C and camps around the world above
  4. 4. LATVIAN SOLAR COOKER• To make a solar cooker we need a shiny surface to reflect and concentrate the Sun’s energy• We took a bowl:
  5. 5. LATVIAN SOLAR COOKER• We have few sunny days in winter. And the days are pretty short that is the reason why we could not make a real solar cooker by using solar power.• As an alternative, we took a lamp:
  6. 6. LATVIAN SOLAR COOKEROur first experiment, we did not cook food, but we tried to melt a candle BEFORE: AFTER: In 40 minutes (after a lesson) we saw that the candle had melted
  7. 7. LATVIAN SOLAR COOKER• The we wanted to try to melt something edibleCHOCOLATE:
  8. 8. LATVIAN SOLAR COOKER• It was like:«Has the chocolate melted?Can we use it for decoratingthe cake?»• The aim was to have funand learn something new!
  9. 9. LATVIAN SOLAR COOKERScience teachers • Convex mirror Mr.Švarcs and Mr. Suveizda advised usto use a convex mirror tocollect the light.
  10. 10. LATVIAN SOLAR COOKER• As it was not a sunny And we tried to find focus. day, we used a lamp, We found it but it would take a lot of time to wait AGAIN until the paper starts burning
  11. 11. LATVIAN SOLAR COOKER• Science teachers were mocking at us: «When your cooker is ready, invite us to a barbecue party» THIS : INSTEAD OF THIS:
  12. 12. LATVIAN SOLAR COOKER• In spring we will make a solar cooker by using solar energy and not a lamp.
  13. 13. COMENIUS TEAM. The part of the team  Karīna,Laura and Jānis who are now in DramaAnd teachers Eva and Guna you probably remember