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Eva rc module 1_activity_swot


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SWOT Analysis

Published in: Education
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Eva rc module 1_activity_swot

  1. 1. Why not CLIL? 1 SWOT ANALYSIS about CLIL STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES  Itpromotes thinking skills.  Students make more cognitive effort.  The students use language to learn- whilst learning to use a language.  Lack of computers or resources in the school.  Lack of time to prepare a lot of tools, tasks or resources to make surethat students understand the content, …  Lack of linguistic competences/confidence in the foreign language. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS  Natural way of learning a foreign language.  ICTpotential.  Cooperative learning.  Not all the pupils feel motivated to learn a foreign language.  Some students feel frustrated when they have to speak in a foreign language.  Sometimes, learners have insufficient understanding of content.