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  1. 1. Volley Trabalho realizado por : Lara nº10 Tânia nº17 Cef
  2. 2. History • The volleyball was created on February 9, 1895 by William George Morgan in the United States1 . The aim of Morgan , who worked on " YMCA " ( ACM ) , was to create a team sport with no physical contact between opponents , so as to minimize the risk of injury . Initially playing with a tube of basketball ball and was called Mintonette but quickly gained popularity with the name of volleyball . The creator Volleyball died on December 27, 1942 at 72 years of age . • In 1947 was founded the International Volleyball Federation ( FIVB ) . Two years later he was made ​the first World Championship Volleyball . At the time there was only the men's event . In 1952 , the event was also extended to the women's volleyball . In 1964 volleyball became part of the program of the Olympic Games , it has remained until today .
  3. 3. Rules • Each volleyball team consists of 12 players : six effective (being a libero ) and six alternates . In court, therefore, are two teams of six players . The teams are separated by a net in the middle of the court . The game begins with one of the teams that should serve. Soon after looting the ball exceed the network and follow the opponent's court where players try to prevent the ball from entering your field using any part of the body (before it was valid to use members from the waist down , but the rules were changed .) The player can hit the ball so that it passes to the opposing side being allowed to give three touches on the ball before it passes, always giving the players alternating touches . If the ball falls is the point of the opposing team. The player can touch the network ( provided it does not interfere with the conduct of the game ) , except at the upper edge , if it occurs will point to the other team . The same player can not take two or more consecutive touches on the ball , except in the case Touch Lock .
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