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  1. 1. The golf Golf is a sport probably of Scottish origin and is inspired by a traditional game. Consists of throwing, with the help of a stick, a small ball along a path that ends in a hole, where the ball should fall.
  2. 2. Golf History [edit] The word comes from English golf courses, which in turn comes from the German Kolbe, meaning taco. Considered an elite sport for many people, its real origin is widely debated, and the most accepted is its creation by the Scots who have already practiced around 1400. In 1457, the Scottish Parliament, by order of King James II of Scotland banned golf practice, considering it a fun affecting the interests of the country. 1 Some historians try to attribute to the British creation of this sport. Other origins are known, an ancient Roman game called Paganica (the game of the peasants), was practiced in the seventeenth, eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, with a leather ball filled with feathers or leather and with a curved stick, remembering enough golf . 1
  3. 3. The game Golf is played on grass courts in parks or appropriate , with one or more paths delimited . The goal is to leave a specific place in the open, and plastering the ball in the fewest strokes possible in strategically placed holes at varying distances . The game is usually played on 18 holes , and a competition , who total the fewest strokes at the end of 18 holes is the winner . To complicate the task, the path to the hole can include ponds , sand pits , trees and sites with grass higher . Golf can be played individually or in groups of two to four players , and has the particularity the absence of an "adversary " itself , the only opponent of the golfer 's own field , since there is nothing he can do in order to hinder the performance of other players . The result depends on your individual effort and luck , and every golfer strives to lower your total score in campo.
  4. 4. The number of strokes of each player's cumulative wins and who complete the 18 holes with a least number of strokes. Players outdoors hiking at least four miles per game. A game usually lasts an average of four hours. When the ball during the game fall into local adverse move, for example, into a lake near the field, the player can take it and put it as close to the spot where the ball landed. Therefore, you receive the penalty of one extra shot. If the obstacle is a bunker, there is no penalty, the player has to play within that obstacle. In official competitions, it is forbidden for a golfer to talk to other players about the game. Already in games between friends, it is normal the more experienced golfer to "tip" the least experienced.
  5. 5. Hole pair Since the output location (tee) to the hole, the average number of strokes required for plastering the ball is an index, called the hole pair, which helps to measure the performance of the player. As the distance, no par three holes (up to 228 m), par four (up to 430 m) or par five (over 430 m). For women, the distances are slightly smaller. Pair field The sum total of all par holes gives rise to another reference value, the pair field. If a field is par 71, to say that a regular player must, at the end of 18 holes, totaling as close as possible to 71 strokes. When par is 71 and the player finishes all 18 holes in 70 strokes, it is common to say that made "below par", ended up with 69, "two under two", and so on. On the same par 71, to mark 72 says "an above par", 73, "two over par," and so on.
  6. 6. modalities There are many ways to play golf. The most used are stroke play, where the winner is defined by the sum of the fewest strokes, and match play where points are awarded for each hole, for example, on the first hole the player "A" throws the ball in fewer strokes than player "B" receiving point, and so on. Who add the most points is the champion. Golf can also be played in pairs or trios, with the sum of the result of each player on the team, mixed doubles, and a multitude of variations.
  7. 7. The field View through a green fairway . A championship golf course has nine or eighteen holes , ie , nine or eighteen fairways . Each Fairway is 25-30 feet wide and 300-500 feet long . The length of the Fairways defines the number "two" field . Given these numbers , plus the spaces required security and the spaces between the Fairways , a golf course with nine holes require an area of approximately 25-30 acres and the 18-hole , 40 to 50 acres . Unofficial camps , residential condominiums and resorts , for example , can be smaller , with three or six holes . There is a golf course like another . Therefore , each field is a new challenge . There are fields in the middle of deserts , mountainous regions in the plains in coastal areas etc. . The fields are typically formed by groups of 9 or 18 holes. In other numbers , one championship golf course occupies about one million square meters . The total course of 18 holes , usually has about six miles long straight, and it takes nearly four hours to complete.
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