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My free time activities


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A project work done by Lara, Ana and Tânia

Published in: Education
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My free time activities

  1. 1.  Hello! My name is Filipa. I am a student and go every day to school, school lunch every day. sometimes in the evening I go with my friends to walk around the city. those days that I'm tired I'm going home to rest. I like listening to music, being with my friends, talking on the phone. I do not like school, but I like the teachers and the intervals.
  2. 2.  Hi! My name is Lara Soares, I'm 17. Five days a week I get up early to go to school. Sometimes out with my friends at night and sometimes with her boyfriend. I like playing computer games, listening to music, dancing, sometimes cooking, talking with friends, going out, eating out, watching TV. In the summer I like to go to the beach, pool and enjoy camping.
  3. 3.  Hi! My name is Tania Barbosa, I'm 18, every day I get up early but do not like, I love going out at night, like walking, traveling, shopping, practicing physical exercise, like cooking, singing, dancing, reading, watching television, writing and playing computer game. In the summer going to the beach, swimming, picnicking, chatting with friends and visiting monuments.