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Fast furious

  1. 1. Fast furious 6 The film begins with Dominic Toretto ( Vin Diesel ) and Brian O'Conner ( Paul Walker ) betting on a race filled with narrow roads and hairpin turns . ( This is the continuation of the end credits of Fast Five , where Brian Dominic challenges to race alone ) , the career criminal Dominic Toretto and his team become rich , but their criminal records prevent them from returning to their country of origin. After several attempts to capture them , the agent Luke Hobbs ( Dwayne Johnson ) DSS ( Diplomatic Security Service ) , offers all staff a business : The DSS will clear the criminal record of any team , if the team help DSS to overthrow a skilled mercenary and criminal organization . Since the robbery in Rio de Dom and Brian that decimated the empire of a boss and left the group with $ 100 million , our heroes have spread throughout the world. Always on the run and not be able to return home , but leaves their incomplete lives . Meanwhile , the agent Hobbs is chased by 12 countries an organization of skilled mercenary pilots , whose head is aided by a ruthless ally , Letty ( Michelle Rodriguez ) ( ex girlfriend gift that everyone thought was dead ) . The only way to stop them is to beat this bunch in the streets , then asks Don Hobbs take your team to London. In exchange , he promises forgiveness that would allow all returned home .
  2. 2. CAST • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vin Diesel Como Dominic Toretto4 Paul Walker Como Brian O'Conner Michelle Rodriguez Como Letty Ortiz5 Dwayne Johnson Como Lucas Hobbs6 Luke Evans Como Owen Shaw Gina Carano Como Riley Tyrese Gibson Como Roman Pearce4 7 Chris "Ludacris" Bridges Como Tej Parker8 Sung Kang Como Han Seoul-Oh9 Gal Gadot Como Gisele Yashar10 Elsa Pataky Como Elena Neves Jordana Brewster Como Mia Toretto4 Jason Statham Como Ian Shaw Kim Kold Como Klaus Clara Paget Como Vegh
  3. 3. Vin Diesel • • Diesel has 2 italiana.1 ancestry enrolled at Hunter College , where she studied English . After 3 years , the boy left his studies to dedicate himself more to his acting career , he traveled to Los Angeles and , despite being a respected and experienced theater actor , he failed to impress anyone in Hollywood and after a year of trying , back to New York . Her mother , Silvia Sinclair Halpern , gave him a book " Movies to Price Used Cars " by Rick Schmidt . The book showed the Vin that he could control his career , making your own movies . Achieved three thousand dollars, wrote a story based on their own experiences and filmed in less than three days, the short film Multi Facial (1994 ) . The 20-minute film was written, produced , directed and premiered by Diesel and shows the life of an aspiring actor who , to get a role , pretending to have a different test that attends every nationality but always ended up giving bad. The film was eventually shown at the Cannes Film Festival and won some fans weight , including Steven Spielberg , who noted the name of the actor to maybe use it in the near future. Happy with short , returned to Los Angeles and , through a telemarketing campaign , got almost $ 50,000 to finance his first feature , " Strays " (1997 ) , and six months after the end of filming , he was accepted for the Sundance Film Festival . He called again the attention of Steven Spielberg, who , still impressed with the performance of Diesel in " Multi - Facial " , wanted to meet him . Was invited to be one of the soldiers led by Tom Hanks in the award-winning Saving Private Ryan (1998 ) , a film that also featured Matt Damon , Edward Burns , Giovanni Ribisi and others. In 2000 , Vin Diesel played the anti - hero Riddick in Pitch Black movie . Seeing the good work of Diesel , the producers of the movie Fast and the Furious (2001 ) Vin Diesel decided to give a character featured in his new production . Diesel would play the antagonist character played by actor Paul Walker . Named for high , Diesel acted in the comedy action of Children of the Mafia (2001 ) , alongside Barry Pepper , Seth Green and John Malkovich to . Your next job really put him on the Hollywood elite , and secret agent Xander Cage Triple X (2002 ) , also premiered by Samuel L. Jackson and Asia Argento . In 2004 , Vin Diesel played the anti - hero Riddick again in the movie The Chronicles of Riddick . In 2005 played Lieutenant Shane Wolfe in 2006 starred Babá.Em Operation " Under suspicion " ( Find Me Guilty ) , directed by Sidney Lumet , based on real facts - the trial of the largest family of mobsters U.S. . Vin has a twin brother named Paul Vincent who is producer and film editor
  4. 4. Films • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1990 Awakenings Hospital Orderly (uncredited) 1994 Multi-Facial Mike 1997 Strays Rick 1998 Saving Private Ryan Soldier Adrian Caparzo 1999 The Iron Giant The Iron Giant (voice) 2000 Boiler room Chris Varick Pitch Black Richard B. Riddick 2001 The Fast and the Furious Dominic Toretto Knockaround Guys Taylor Reese 2002 xXx Xander Cage / xXx 2003 A Man Apart Sean Vetter 2004 The Chronicles of Riddick Richard B. Riddick The Pacifier Lieutenant Shane Wolfe 2006 Find Me Guilty Giacomo "Jackie Dee" DiNorscio The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Dominic Toretto (uncredited) Babylon A.D. 2008 Hugo Cornelius Too 2009 Fast & Furious Dominic Toretto The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Richard B. Riddick 2011 Fast Five Dominic "Dom" Toretto 2013 Richard B. Riddick Riddick The Machine Le Robot Fast and Furious 6 Dominic "Dom" Toretto 2014 Fast & Furious 7 Dominic "Dom" Toretto Guardians of the Galaxy Groot
  5. 5. Awards • 2001 Nominated MTV Movie Awards Best Actor / By: Fast and Furious • 2004 Nominated Golden Raspberry The Chronicles of Riddick