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IHRM presentation. Stories excluded. Contact me if you need the stories

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  1. 1. Expatriation and Repatriationthe key success/failure factors
  2. 2. 赵晴晴 09370031杨 啸 09370019张 鑫 09370015
  3. 3. What isExpatriation andRepatriation?
  4. 4. • The process of sending managers to another country to run a subsidiary of a multinational organization. Before departure, the process should include an extensive period of training and preparation to ensure that the managers are familiar with cultural differences, and to reduce the likelihood of culture shock. (Dictionary of Human Resource Management 2001, p. 120)• Repatriation is defined as the process of re-entry the individuals’ home country after living abroad for a significant period of time (Hurn, 1999).
  5. 5. 3 Stories
  6. 6. First Story
  7. 7. HenrySENIOR ENGINEER in MI, an ElectronicEngineering Company in Budapest, Hungary
  8. 8. • 20 Years’ Experience• Strongest Engineering Capacity
  9. 9. Fromheadquarter inBudapest,Hungary toSaudi Arabia
  10. 10. “It’s not working like this here!This is not Saudi Arabia!”
  11. 11. Second Story
  12. 12. A subsidiary of an American motor company was established in Korea A typical Americanmanager was sent as an expatriate
  13. 13. Senior manager Aggressive Tough
  14. 14. Differences in culture and character
  15. 15. Conflicts occur…
  16. 16. Repatriate of the senior manager
  17. 17. Third Story
  18. 18. TCL Expatriate Management How we succeed Yi Chun Yu Former president of Oversea Division
  19. 19. Background• Founded in 1981• Global scale of operation• Branch offices in more than 50 countries
  20. 20. demission rateAverage 70% > 15% TCL
  21. 21. Zhang HuiMarketing ManagerOverseas Business DivisionExperiencePioneering work in theMiddle East market independently
  22. 22.  Experienced in TCL business Enduring hardship Seeing hope in difficulties Working independently to build up new business channel Learning ability
  23. 23. Research
  24. 24. Pre-departure Training• Assignment• Relocation information• Conduct• Diet• Religion• Local legal system• security (counter-terrorism)
  25. 25. Cross-culture Integration• Biculturalism• Act locally
  26. 26. Remuneration Management Premium Basic (hardship) Salary Benefits Allowance
  27. 27. • Provide substantial development chance• Offer promotion• Team leader Opportunity• Offer chance to maintain further education …
  28. 28. Summary• Define your strategic goal• Talent Selection• Training • Pre-departure • During • Repatriation• Reward and Recognition
  29. 29. Thank you!Any questions?
  30. 30. Expatriation and Repatriationthe key success/failure factors