"Creativity, Culture & Innovation, finding new links" ID Campus, Liège


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"Creativity, Culture & Innovation, finding new links" ID Campus
by T.Froehlicher, HEC Management School University of Liege

more: www.hec.ulg.ac.be/pointes-d-excellence

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"Creativity, Culture & Innovation, finding new links" ID Campus, Liège

  1. 1. Creativity, Culture & Innovation, finding new links T. Froehlicher, HEC Management School University of Liege
  2. 2. Creativity, Culture, Innovation, Creative ability development, Educational Challenge ?
  3. 3. Knowledge InnovationCreation Market Individuals Networks - Communities Projects - Organizations The social dynamics of creation, (P. Cohendet & L. Simon, MosaiC/HEC Montreal)
  4. 4. Information society Knowledge based society Creative Society Industrial Society Productive Efficiency Creative Intensity Towards a Creative Economy (P. Cohendet & L. Simon, MosaiC/HEC Montreal)
  5. 5. Creative & Cultural Industries “institutionalization” • “Creative industries, such as music, entertainment and fashion, are driven … not by trained professionals but cultural entrepreneurs who make the most of other people’s talent and creativity.” (C. Leadbeater) • According to the United Kingdom’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport are “those industries that are based on individual creativity, skill and talent. They are also those that have the potential to create wealth and jobs through developing intellectual property. ”
  6. 6. 6 sources of inspiration for a vast reform of higher education in Finland • Beyond creative industries: design thinking (Brown - IDEO, Sotaama, …) • T-shape organizations & creative workers (Florida, Hamel,…) • Open innovation & “cluster attitude” (Van Hippel, …) • Human-centric design & designing new usages • Living lab for daily experimentation (Co- design) • Bump & connect, a new innovation triangle
  7. 7. Cox Review of Creativity in Business November 2005 (+ lessons from …) • “I believe that there is an opportunity for some universities to go further, running masters programmes that bring together the different elements of creativity, technology and business… I therefore recommend that centres of excellence be created that specialise in such multi-disciplinary programmes encompassing both postgraduate teaching and research.”
  8. 8. Definitions (Cox Review) • Creativity is the generation of new ideas • Innovation is the successfull exploitation of new ideas, the process that carries them to new products, services, new ways of running an activity • Design is what links creativity and innovation. It shapes ideas to become practical and attractive propositions for users
  9. 9. ID-Campus (Liege)