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the power of IoT technology in innovation


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Transitioning from a Product to a Service Economy: the Power of IoT Technology in Innovation. Especially in the context of the Internet of Things, the search for business sustainability is pushing companies to become more efficient thought a strategic rethinking of business processes while the market is shifting from products to services. To truly transform the business model, organizations need to connect and collect actionable data from their assets and processes, and invest heavily in IT tools and resources. To make this happen, Eurotech has designed and implemented a M2M solution that dramatically simplifies the transformation of a business into a smart business - allowing the creation of new innovative services and processes that drive competitiveness also in mature markets.
Leveraging new technologies and embracing proven Enterprise IT best practice allow an effective encapsulation of the complexity of creating and maintaining distributed device infrastructures. This and a clear focus on a seamless IT/OT integration ensures fastest time-to-market and best TCO when basing new services and revenue streams on data coming from distributed devices and sensors in the field.

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the power of IoT technology in innovation

  1. 1. The Power of IoT Technology in Innovation How Transitioning … from a Product to a Service Economy ? Roberto Siagri London 22.09. 2014
  2. 2. The M2M / IoT Recipe … Business @ Applications Gateways Things …for Success ?
  3. 3. all start from this question & answer: Q:What is Enabling Innovation? A: Solving the Complexity Problem !
  4. 4. Models, Paradigms, Concepts, … The Law of Accelerating Returns is based on the overcome of saturation level that any technology intrinsically has In the 21st century, we won't experience 100 years of progress it will be more like 20,000 years of progress Ray Kurzweil Time Returns
  5. 5. Models, Paradigms, Concepts, … Complexity and Saturation the new Each new TECHNOLOGICAL substrate is difficulty to imagine Time Performance new way old way illusion of the old reality of the old more efficient than the previous one
  6. 6. Models, Paradigms, Concepts, … Cost--Complexity Time SW HW Now, returning back to IoT, the problem is how to address Software Complexity Wirth’s law: “Software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster”
  7. 7. The Internet of Things we are in a moment in time when the software complexity can be tamed • Virtualization technology • Enterprise IT • Cloud computing • Open & Industry Standards • Powerful embedded computer • Of the shelf, purpose build , HW Time Cost-Ubiquity Z-curve S-curve
  8. 8. The Cloud Reverse Pyramid How to connect together devices and humans: do we see anything Saas PaaS that can help through this cloudy sky ? Iaas
  9. 9. The Cloud Reverse Pyramid Internet of Things = Things to Cloud Saas PaaS Iaas
  10. 10. The Dawn of a New Smart World Transforming Bits of Data at the Edge of the Network into Actionable Information & Knowledge in the Users’ hands will bring about the biggest change in the industry since the steam engine IOT platform actuators Preventive Maintenance DATA iPaaS Sensors SERVICES M2M monitoring management many-to-one REMOTE machines DEVICES HMI near real-time MQTT PROTOCOLS field bus HARDWARE gateway MULTI SERVICE REST unattended OT IT/OT INTEGRATION DaaS database Business Models BIG DATA ANALYTICS CONTEXT business intelligence IT CEP CLOUD on-premise ESB SaaS MOBILE APPLICATION INTERNET virtualization open source DECISION IaaS IP ASSET cellular wireless satellite BUSINESS
  11. 11. Servitization is happening in almost all industries on a global scale Both service companies and manufacturers are moving more dramatically into services Vandermerwe and Rada, 1988 COST services servitization INFRASTRUCTURE CUSTOMER PARTNER OEMs ORGANIZATIONS PRODUCT VALUE support outsourcing new business models everything as a service DaaS iPaaS What is the Driving Force?
  12. 12. You might not know it … … but because of this paradigm shift, you might be in exactly that situation ! IoT is an Operational Technology
  13. 13. “Software is Eating the World” “Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming…” Marc Andreessen
  14. 14. simplicity or simplexity Innovation = Solving the Complexity Problem
  15. 15. Encapsulating Complexity … when you need transmission gears, are you building them from scratch?
  16. 16. Encapsulating Complexity … when you need transmission gears, are you building them from scratch? No, you use gear boxes… Of the shelf products from experienced suppliers !
  17. 17. The Internet of Things ... Complexity … Business Applications ? Multi- Service Gateway Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … @
  18. 18. Encapsulating Complexity Central Complexity in M2M / IoT Infrastructures Business Applications ? Multi- Service Gateway Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … @
  19. 19. Encapsulating Complexity Everyware Cloud = Gearbox for the Internet of Things Business Applications M2M Integration Platform Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … @ Multi- Service Gateway IoT Gearbox
  20. 20. Recipe: Divide and Conquer Ingredients: Four Layers with 2 Architectural Components Business Apps @ Enterprise Service Bus 1 M2M Integration Platform Act Integrate, Store Control Connect + 2 3 Communicate Field Interfaces Multi- Service Gateway 4 Field - Devices Compute Collect
  21. 21. Industries will see a type of not experienced in the last two decades
  22. 22. Re-Thinking • Products • Value Add • Business Model • Business Processes
  23. 23. But we have a solution the Integration Platform as a Service
  24. 24. Device to Cloud. Now ! Could This Get Any Easier? ®
  25. 25. Thank You!