The Impact of M2M. Use Case Example High-Impact Sports


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Machine-to-Machine Solution for High-Impact Sports:
Field to Cloud Technology Building Blocks enabling a Sports Medicine Solution

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The Impact of M2M. Use Case Example High-Impact Sports

  1. 1. The Impact of M2MUse Case Example High-Impact Sports:Field-to-Cloud Technology Building Blocksenabling a Sports Medicine SolutionRobert Andres
  2. 2. The Internet of ThingsM2M Applications Everywhere
  3. 3. The Internet of Things• IT centric, cloud based M2M connectivityplatforms as building blocks for enterprise IT• Implementation of “Enterprise Service Bus”architectures to allow an easy integration of differentdevice data systems and applications• Multi Service Gateway approach to integrate andconsolidate data streams and future proof investments• IT centric application development to implementbusiness logic in smart edge devices / servicegateways• Of the shelf purpose built devices designed to meetvertical market value propositionsDistributed Systems Fundamental Building BlocksM2MIntegrationPlatformMulti-ServiceGatewayApproach
  4. 4. APIs, Dashboards, Console, etc.The Internet of ThingsDistributed Systems Architectural OverviewConsumers of DataM2MIntegration PlatformMulti-ServiceGatewaysProducers of DataM2MInfrastructureSolutionOperationalTechnologyBuilding BlockStandard Interfaces
  5. 5. The Impact of M2MWhat does Hockey have to do with M2M ?
  6. 6. The Impact of M2MIt has all the IngredientsSolid business case for requiredDevice DataPartner with intimate marketknow-howField-to-Cloud TechnologyBuilding Blocksfor the Internet of ThingsSensuss$$$
  7. 7. The Impact of M2MUse Case: Medical / Sports Medicine“Helios”Multi-ServiceGatewayM2MIntegrationPlatformSystem monitors impact thresholdswith predefined settings to alertauthorized individuals via atext message (SMS) or email.Historical data is kept for lateranalysis.Connected to Gatewayusing ZigBee@3-axisaccelerometersensors builtinto the helmets
  8. 8. The Impact of M2MMulti-Service Gateway HardwareMulti-ServiceGatewayM2MIntegrationPlatformLinuxHardware PlatformApplicationSoftwareFramework“Helios”ProgrammableEdgeControllerZigBeeUSB Adapter3GUSB Adapter (optional)• Intel Atom based• Rugged• Flexible extension• 3 locked USB ports• USB ports protected• GPS• ESF supportZigbee SensorBattery Unit
  9. 9. Eurotech Product PortfolioMounted Mobile Devices / Helios PlatformEDC Development KitKey Features:Out-of-the box Experience - Build an M2Msolution in minutes collecting and controlling dataSample Application Code – Learn and use realapplication code and instructions to simplifydevelopment and deployment of new solutionsEveryware Cloud Account – Each kit comes withan activated EDC cloud service account for 1 year.Dashboard – A live web page hosted by Eurotechprovides the presentation layer for multiple usersallowing a user-friendly interaction with the liveM2M solution.
  10. 10. The Impact of M2MMulti-Service Gateway Hardware IIMulti-ServiceGatewayM2MIntegrationPlatformLinuxHardware PlatformApplicationSoftwareFrameworkReliaGATE 50-21Industrial-gradeMulti-Service Gateway &Edge ControllerZigBee (NXP)Serial Adapter3G Modem(Telit xE 910)Mini PCIe Adapter• Intel Atom based• Rugged• Flexible extension• 2x Ethernet• WiFi• GPS• ESF supportZigBee SensorBattery Unit
  11. 11. The Impact of M2MMulti-Service Gateway SoftwareMulti-ServiceGatewayM2MIntegrationPlatformLinuxHardware PlatformJava VMOSGiApplicationSoftwareFrameworkEveryware CloudClientConfig GUIZigBee SupportFoundation LayerBusiness LogicSensussGPS Support
  12. 12. The Impact of M2MMulti-Service Gateway SoftwareMulti-ServiceGatewayM2MIntegrationPlatformLinux (Windriver)Hardware PlatformJava VM (Oracle)OSGi (Hitachi)EC Cloud ClientConfig GUIZigBeeFoundation LayerBusinessLogicGPSBenefits:• Based on open andindustry standards• EDC Dev Kit available• SW development in Java• Investment protectionbecause of hardwareabstraction• Ability to dynamicallyadd, remove, start, stopnew services• Config GUI available for onsite configuration ofnetwork interfaces• Native support for MQTT& Everyware Cloudplatform
  13. 13. @The Impact of M2MM2M Integration PlatformMulti-ServiceGatewayM2MIntegrationPlatformBenefits:• Pub/sub architecture• Minimal SW developmentbecause of real-time actions& analytics on platform• Based on open andindustry standards• Real-time & historical data• Secure communicationbetween client and platform• Minimum bandwidthutilization• Web GUI available forplatform management• Everyware Cloud Client• Available adapters for SMSand emailM2M Platform ClientCommunication / BrokerData Management LayerAPI`s & IntegrationsData Store LayerInfrastructure / IaaSM2MProtocol
  14. 14. Enterprise InterfacesThe Impact of M2MPOC / Demo OverviewBusinessApplicationsMulti-ServiceGatewayM2MIntegrationPlatform@Field Interfaces ZigBee RS-485LEDDisplayNode Node
  15. 15. The Impact of M2MPOC / Demo Dashboards
  16. 16. The Impact of M2MBenefits Complete SolutionMulti-ServiceGatewayM2MIntegrationPlatform• Very fast prototyping & time to market• Minimal upfront investment (most hardwareand software building blocks have been readilyavailable, minimal TCO)• Proven advanced M2M technology buildingblocks based on open and industry standards• Minimal & deterministic SW development• Real-time and historical data available• One support@
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