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Kura M2M IoT Gateway

Kura M2M IoT Gateway
reducing the distance between embedded and enterprise technologies

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Kura M2M IoT Gateway

  1. 1. KURA M2M/IoT Gateway reducing the distance between embedded and enterprise technologies Andrea Ceiner, September 9th, 2014
  2. 2. Why do we have to reduce the distance between the Embedded software and the Enterprise software ?
  3. 3. Gartner’s Hype Cycle It tells that time is coming …
  4. 4. M2M & IoT : an industrial revolution Gartner and other market analysts forcast IoT/M2M to reach dozens of billions of connected devices by 2020
  5. 5. M2M via Cloud (more standard, easier, cheaper) 011001 011001 011001
  6. 6. Field Data are very good food for Business Applications @ Business Applications
  7. 7. When Field Data arrives automatically via Cloud Platforms into the Business Applications then we have IoT Applications @ Business Applications M2M Applications
  8. 8. @ Business Applications The ENTERPRISE business Business Applications are Enterprise Software
  9. 9. Java today The most used programming language for ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS 9+ MILLION JAVA DEVELOPERS 3+ MILLION JAVA DEVICES
  10. 10. Java tomorrow The most used programming language either for ENTERPRISE & EMBEDDED & M2M/IoT applications 9+ MILLION JAVA DEVELOPERS
  11. 11. IoT spontaneously closing the GAP between EMBEDDED & ENTERPRISE SW platforms Same language •JAVA Same IDE •ECLIPSE Same Reference Architecture •DECOUPLING LAYERS Same Standards & Protocols •OSGi,JSON,API REST Same Tools •Application Builder Same Middleware •Brokers, Containers,…
  12. 12. Complexity can still be a strong barrier to close the gap •Embedded software programmers ignore the complexity of enterprise applications and architectures •Enterprise software programmers ignore the complexity of embedded applications and M2M communication. Still, what are the OBSTACLES ?
  13. 13. Internet / TCP/IP Business Issue Sometimes M2M Solutions look simple … Business Application Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … Service Gateway Single or no special application on gateway A single application to communicate with Only one type of Gateway HW & SW Only one type of device / sensor No connectivity options required
  14. 14. Internet / TCP/IP Ethernet WiFi 3G / LTE Satellite WiMAX Other Business Issue ... but for some of them it gets complex Business Application Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … •Multiple services on the gateway / edge node •Different connectivity options •More than one kind of vertical market value proposition •Customer specific business logic 2G / 2.5G xDSL Cable
  15. 15. Business Issue ... Geographically Dispersed … Business Applications Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … Multi- Service Gateway ?
  16. 16. Business Issue ... and with more than one Consumer of the Device Data @ Business Applications Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … ?
  17. 17. Device Cloud Solutions Where M2M Projects most often fail… M2M Communication Infrastructure Device Firmware / Application Business Application Sensors & Device Hardware Business Application Integration 1 2 3 4 6 •Selecting and integrating sensors, devices, sensors, human machine interfaces (HMI), Meters, legacy field busses & actuators •Ensuring long life support •Meeting certification requirements •Selecting and integrating operating system, device support / drivers •Implementing the business logic •Optimum M2M protocols •WAN cost reduction •Security •Device data management •Device life cycle management •Security 5 •Decoupling of producers and consumers of data •Write speeds •Real-time data streams •Data storage •Standard APIs •Ready to use adapters for standard applications •CEP / Complex Event Processing capabilities 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 •Application development & life cycle management •Dashboards, user interaction & interfacing •Integration (Big Data, social networks, enterprise IT) 7
  18. 18. Make it SIMPLE ! Normalize the communication Encapsulate the complexity Decouple the architectural layers … but not stupid
  19. 19. Normalising the communication … The ESB architecture for M2M integration platforms on Cloud Business Applications Sensors, Actuators, Displays, … @ Application Framework + Multi-Service Gateway M2M/IoT Integration Platform on Cloud M2M Integration Platform
  20. 20. Connecting the field at the Enterprise Business Applications Multi- Service Gateway M2M Integration Platform Integrate Act Store Connect & Control + Collect Elaborate Communicate M2M Protocol @ Field Interfaces Enterprise Interfaces Field Data De-coupling Architectural Components
  21. 21. Encapsulating the complexity An entire end-2-end M2M/IoT communication in a simple API REST
  22. 22. Linux OS Embedded App KURA is the open source Java and OSGi- based Application Framework for M2M Service Gateways in the Eclipse IOT Working Group. Purpose Simplify the design, deployment and remote management of embedded applications. It provides •Cohesive and integrated app environment •Modular software components •HW abstraction layer •Field protocol libraries •Cloud connectivity •Remote app and device management •Local app and device management •Built-in Security •Development tools Java/OSGi M2M gateways Smart Sensors Industrial HW Open HW •Raspberry PI •BeagleBone Black
  23. 23. M2M Architecture Typical Edge-Node, Gateway, Smart Sensor Scenarios Distributed Device Infrastructure Internet / IP Business / Application Logic & Infrastructure Applications M2M Gateways, Smart Edge Nodes Comms Infrastructure Sensors, Actuators, Meters, HMIs, Devices, etc. HW OS SW Cloud Client HW OS Cloud Client HW OS SW Cloud Client HW OS Cloud Client HW OS SW Cloud Client HW Cloud Client HW HW OS SW Cloud Client M2M Integration Platform On- premise Public Cloud HW HW HW @
  24. 24. Encapsulating complexity Increase productivity and decrease cultural barriers OSGi on Linux Hardware Java VM Code Code Code Kura helps customer focusing on their core business
  25. 25. Kura’s Benefits Kura helps Customers focusing on their core competences (Customer‘s differentiators), by supplying highly integrated modular, common building blocks. This approach provides partners with a competitive advantage by ensuring: •Reduced development time → Shorter time to market •Focus on the application → Differentiate your offering and products •Portable, robust code → Higher quality software •Less required resources → Reduced development costs •Hardware virtualization → Better investment protection •More deterministic project execution → In time market introduction •Standard based → Future-proofed, Investments protection •Remote app management → Extended product lifecycle
  26. 26. Kura Developers’ Experience Designed from ground-up for developers Emulate on PC Deploy on Target Cloud Managed Start developing your M2M application in the comfort of your PC. •Full Eclipse Integration •Target Platform Definition •Emulated Services •Run/Debug from Eclipse •Support Mac/Linux Hosts When you are ready, deploy your application on the gateway. •One-click Deployment •Eclipse Plugin •Remote Debugging Provision your application to field devices from the Cloud. Manage your application configuration and lifecycle from a Cloud infrastructure. No more field visits! •Web-based Console •REST API Integration •Smart Alerts
  27. 27. Multi-Service Gateway Approach Maximum SW Development Flexibility Multi- Service Gateway Yocto / WRL Hardware Platform Java VM OSGi Everyware Cloud Client Admin GUI Foundation Layer Business Logic Yocto Hardware Platform Java VM OSGi Everyware Cloud Client Admin GUI Foundation Layer Business Logic MQTT Other Cloud Client
  28. 28. Functional Architecture Decoupling functional layers Java VM OSGi Application Container Device Abstraction Gateway Basic Services Network Configuration Network Management Field Protocols Connectivity and Delivery Administration GUI Operation & Management Linux Hardware Multi- Service Gateway App 1 App 2 App n . . . . Applications
  29. 29. ModBUS CanBUS USB, Bluetooth DB Service Add your app Add your app
  30. 30. Device configuration 30
  31. 31. Network configuration 31
  32. 32. MQTT Transport 32
  33. 33. GPS position 33
  34. 34. You are important ! Kura helps you … Kura needs you 34 I was lucky to be involved and get to contribute to something that was important, which is empowering people with software. (By Bill Gates)
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