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IoT Acceleration Secrets


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Acceleration Secrets of Internet of Things Projects: From Pilot to Production
Presented by Larry J. Wall CEO Eurotech Inc. at IoT Evolution Expo 2015 in Las Vegas

Published in: Business
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IoT Acceleration Secrets

  1. 1. IoT Acceleration Secrets From Pilot to Production IoT Evolution Expo, August 18, 2015 Larry J. Wall CEO, Eurotech Inc.
  2. 2. 50B Devices $690B App Services Revenue 30% CAGR Hype Cycle Peak Innovation to Commercialization?
  3. 3. Big Bang Market Adoption Late majority LaggardsEarly majority Early adopters Time Innovators Market Share Nexus of Forces Adoption Rate Trial Users Everyone else
  4. 4. Agile Security Open Source Standardization FinancialGlobal WirelessSilicon
  5. 5. Agile Security Open Source Standardization FinancialGlobal WirelessSilicon Productivity Sched Expectations Data End-to-end Speed Innovation Commonalities Collaboration
  6. 6. Agile Security Open Source Standardization FinancialGlobal WirelessSilicon Faster Integrated SOC Reach Impact Connected Technologies Funding Demands
  7. 7. Aren’t IoT Projects just another IT Project? …they are Not Centralized support Complex Super-distributed environment IP from core to edge Significant impact on budget Last mile protocol diversity Local, known infrastructure Significant impact on corp strategy Variable connectivity IT leads Specialized solutions Line of Business leads Mature standards and APIs Efficiency benefits Edge processing required IT Characteristics Common to IoT and IT IoT Characteristics Multivendor environment
  8. 8. Bridging from Pilot to Production System Level Considerations SOFTWARE HARDWARE PROJECT VISIBILITY IMPACT PROCESSES AUTOMATION CUSTOMER RELEVANCE SCALABILITY RELIABILITY SECURITY Open Source Commercial, supported Open Source Commercial Maker, Low visibility High visibility Has Potential future Has to deliver value - now Low High None to low High Potential Required None High Low Imperative Nice to have Imperative Pilot Production
  9. 9. Vital Decisions
  10. 10. IoT Solution Commercialization Progression Marketability Investment/ Time DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT DEVELOPMENT TOOLS DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM PILOT/POC SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS PRODUCTION SYSTEM Kura Raspberry Pi Java Open source Standards Eclipse ESF, Dev kit hardware Standard Hardware & Sensors Device Mgmt, Security, Everyware Cloud Optimized Integrated Invisible Managed A defined path
  11. 11. From Prototype to Production In Practice Software portability across HW Platforms using system abstraction Open Hardware Industrial M2M/IoT Gateways
  12. 12. Why a Java M2M/IoT Gateway Stack Embedded Architecture Abstraction OSGi on Linux Hardware Java SE Embedded Code Code Code
  13. 13. Eclipse Kura Abstraction - Open Java Framework for IoT Gateways Kura Founded in 2012 by: Eurotech, Sierra Wireless, IBM • 23 Members • 15+ new projects • 1M+ lines of source code • The fastest growing Eclipse workgroup
  14. 14. Success Stories & Examples POC to Commercialization and Production Modern Vending Solution Commercial Building Energy Mgmt Connected Mass Transit Yard System
  15. 15. Cool Chain Monitoring Use Case & Live Demo in Booth 406 Asset tracking – Time & Temperature make all the difference Perishables Pharmaceutical Medical Traceability, Liability, Accountability Application Solution Key Success Factors • Big Picture – System Level Approach • Futureproof – Accommodates change • Proven Ecosystem – Sensors to Applications IoT Integration Platform Programmable IoT Gateway Device App Framework Sensors – Temp, Hum, O2, CO2
  16. 16. Eurotech Learnings Acceleration to Production and Results Success Plan for Change The Physical Edge! Ecosystem Partnering Use an Integrator Support Standards
  17. 17. Thank You! Booth 406 @EurotechFan