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Liquid cooling hot water cooling


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Liquid cooling hot water cooling

  1. 1. Eurotech Aurora HPC solutions Aurora Liquid Cooling
  2. 2. Liquid cooling for EurotechWhat is liquid cooling is for usLiquid cooling for us is:• Hot.That means: using hot water wherever possible• Direct. Taken inside the rack in direct contact with the components• Green. Able to use free cooling or natural cooling in any climate zone• Comprehensive.. Cools any source of heat in the server (including power supply)• Serviceable and safe. Allows ease of maintenance and doesn’t represent a risk for the electronics in the serverPlus liquid cooling for us is:• Flexible. Offering an engineering solution, a choice of processors, acting on coolant temperature, flow rate to provide to the customer the solution and operating conditions that guarantee maximum performance at the lowest total cost
  3. 3. Aurora liquid coolingHigh level description• The main components of the Aurora cooling system are:• Cooling circuit, that is the pipe work which bring the water to the heat exchanger and back to the rack• The heat exchanger for free cooling• Distribution pipes which are mounted in the rack• The back plane, which collects the liquid from the distribution pipes and distributes it to the cold plates• Cold plates: aluminum boards which are intimately coupled with the electronic boards of compute nodes, PCUs and switches• Quick disconnects that are mounted on the cold plates for inflow and outflow of liquid in the plates. The quick disconnects are fine pieces of engineering that seal immediately when the boards is extracted from the back plane. No leakage is possible
  4. 4. Aurora hot water cooling Aurora Rack Liquid distribution Backplane Heat bar exchanger Quick Cold Plate Cold Plate Cold Plate Cold Plate disconnects
  5. 5. Aurora liquid cooling infrastructure Dry cooler Filter Loop #1 Loop #6 Heat Loop #12exchanger Internal cooling Loop Pump
  6. 6. Complete Node Card AuroraNode card covered by the cooling cold plate, with space for optional SSD. 32 of suchboards (64 CPUs) packed into 6U
  7. 7. Dry Coolers example: 400 kW installation• Redundant (2 fans) Drycooler e.g. ThermoKey Cooling installation for 4 racks Aurora Pumps and filter 2x dry-cooler 220 kW
  8. 8. Advantages of the Eurotech approachHot liquid cooling• Avoid/limit expensive and power hungry chillers with the only cooling method that requires almost always dry coolers only• Minimize PUE and hence maximize energy cost savings• Reuse thermal energy for heating, air conditioning, electrical energy or industrial processes• “Clean” free cooling: no dust, no filters needed to filter external airDirect on components liquid cooling via cold plates• Allow very high densities and very limited heat spillage• Save in maintenance cost thanks to smooth heat distribution (no board and data center hot spots)• A seamless hot swap solution that guarantees serviceability and ease of maintenanceEurotech competencies with water cooling• First in the market to offer an hot swap liquid cooled solution• Years of experience in dealing with water