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Euroquimica - Corporate Presentation - 2014 - Cleaning Products Private Label

Euroquimica is a Spanish firm which produce, manufactures and sells cleaning products. The company has production plants in Zaragoza and Illescas (Toledo). What makes these plants individual is the atomizer tower and the soap and sulfonation process. The company has a production capacity of 40,000 Tm (liquids), 8.000 Tm (sulfonation), 35.000 Tm (atomization) and 11,000 Tm (natural soap). Moreover the company boasts self-bottling facilities, an intelligent warehouse and testing laboratories of high Research and Development R&D ratings.

Approximately 10 per cent of the workforce is employed in R&D and quality testing, which allows us to constantly renovate, develop and improve our products. This is alongside creating and bringing into production the new formulations which so many other companies require. We currently create a wide range of cleaning products. E.g: dishwasher products, soap, ammonia, bleach and fabric softener,...

Our experience and proven ability in product formulation and production for the distributor (private label) allows us to fulfil the demands of consumers and client demands alike.

Within Private Label, we produce a wide range of products such as: dishwasher products, washing powder, soaps, ammoniac and fabric softener,…

Our R&D team combines the traditional methods of the master soap makers with the knowledge of our top chemists to allow us to develop any cleaning product required by our client. We offer our distributors modern facilities which include our own atomization spray tower. The spray tower allows us to produce atomized washing powder which can be used for home supermarket brands, the distributer’s own brand or for export alike.

Euroquimica welcomes the opportunity to work with national or international manufacturers and distributers.

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Euroquimica - Corporate Presentation - 2014 - Cleaning Products Private Label

  1. 1. Introduction Founded in 1974, Euroquimica S.A is a Spanish company dedicated to the production and distribution of cleaning products. From it’s beginning, the company has developed a strong market presence insuring of our products. It is precisely this experience which has guided us to today’s organization, level of productivity, giving us the capacity to cope with tomorrow’s challenges.
  2. 2. History Euroquímica, S.A was founded 1974 The first LAGARTO soap is launched on the market 1914 1971 Inauguration of the Factory in Zaragoza 2004 New Factory of soap production in Zaragza Incorporation of the Lagarto brand into Euroquimica 1992 Inauguration of the recent Factory in Illescas 2011 Warehouse automated 2014 Years into consumer’s houses
  3. 3. Our principles – Success factor Quality. Each of our products need to have, the full satisfaction of the customer, as a final goal, by delivering the best value for money offered on the market. Industrial excellence. We must continue with our industrial capacity, investment and innovation in order to keep optimizing all our processes. Involvement. We must show support and recognition towards our clients and providers for taking part into Euroquimica’s developement.
  4. 4. 17,00 19,00 21,00 23,00 25,00 27,00 29,00 2010 2011 2012 2013 20,769 23,034 24,262 27,390 M Euros Euroquímica, S.A. in figures – General Statistics
  5. 5. 23% 8% 30% 1% 24% 13% 29% 6% 27% 1% 25% 12% SUPERMARKETS AND CHAINS WHOLESALERS CASH AND CARRY RETAILERS INDEPENDANT SHOPS MANUFACTURERS 20132012 Euroquímica, S.A. in figures – General Statistics
  6. 6. • Exports represent 11% of the company’s turnover. • Today Euroquímica is exporting to : Andorra, Cuba, France, Ghana, Guinea Equatorial, Libya, Morocco, Netherlands, The United Kingdom and Senegal. Euroquímica, S.A. in figures – General Statistics
  7. 7. 75% 10% 15% Lagarto own brand Others own brands White Label Euroquímica, S.A. in figures – General Statistics
  8. 8. 33% 10% 19% 35% 1% POWDER DETERGENTS SOAP BLEACH LIQUIDS OTHERS • Liquid and powder detergents • Fabric Softerners • Additives • Washing up products • Bleach • Floor cleaners • Natural soap • Soap flakes Laundry care Household cleaners Soap Euroquímica, S.A. in figures – General Statistics
  9. 9. ILLESCAS (21.423m2 – 10.000 m2 ): Head office. Research lab. R&D and innovation center. Automated warehouse, quality control 52 workers. Type NºLines CapacityMt Liquid Factory 1 40.000 Household cleaners (1L – 4L) 4 110.000 Softeners and detergents 2 47.200 washing-up liquids 1 26.000 Production capacity
  10. 10. ZARAGOZA (29.200 m2 – 9.830 m2 ): Sub offices. Quality control and R&D lab. 49 workers. Type NºLines Capacity Sulfonate Factory 1 8.000 Atomization tower + Post addition 1 35.000 Soap Factory 1 11.000 Packing. Bags, tubs, boxes 4 70.000 Packing. Washing machine tabs and dishwaser tabs 2 4.200 Packing. Natural soap and soap flake 2 8.500 Production capacity
  11. 11. A lots of investments has been made into our company’s infrastructures and industry these past few years. Euroquimica is now, much more efficient and can benefit from its new capacity to cope with tomorrow’s challenges. Euroquímica has production capacity to meet the needs of its current and future customers. Production capacity
  12. 12. According to our Nº1 principle introduced in “Our principles-Succes factor” , Euroquímica,S.A. through its R&D and innovation center focusses all of its actions on the research of the most fitted products for its clients by delivering the best value for money offered on the market. In order to make it possible, we are: • Analysing the market: quality, efficiency, raw materials, packaging, prices. • Looking for new raw materials more efficient. • Looking for the new trends and consumer habbits. • Developing innovative products, new ideas, processes and technologies. Commitment to innovation
  13. 13. EUROQUIMICA, S.A. won a strong recognition from national and international organizations which have delivered several accreditations for its business model: • ISO 9001: 2008 – Aenor IQNet • ISO 14001:2004 – Eco friendly management - Aenor IQNet • Register of “Establecimientos y servicios plagicidas”. • Official register of “ establecimientos y servicios biocidas”. ROESB. • Certificate of “otorgamiento” ECOLABEL: atomized powder detergent, liquid detergents, washing-up products. • ECOEMBES conciders Euroquimica as an example through its daily actions, innitiatives and prevention towards recycling and waste management.. Quality and environment
  14. 14. Formulas All Kinds of atomized detergent are made from the most simple product for prewashing to the most elaborated product for professional use or atomized ecolabel products. Packaging Bags from 10Kg to 20Kg. Boxes, tubs, tabs, ecopacks, etc… Products – Laundry Care
  15. 15. Formulas Ezymatic liquid detergents for every use: With soap, gel, color clothes, dark clothes, aloe, delicates, etc.. Packaging 1L, 1.35L, 2L y 3L Products – Laundry Care
  16. 16. Formulas Diluted and concentrated softerners of every kind, with micro capsuls. Scented with orginal, aloe vera, talcum, cologne,exotic flowers, karité oil, etc.. Packaging 1.35L, 2L y 3L polyethylene or 2L pet. Products – Laundry Care
  17. 17. Formulas Delicate surfaces, marine, pine, lemon, soap, as well as other formulas on demand. Packaging 1L y 1.5L Products – Household cleaners
  18. 18. Formulas Classic amonia cleaners, fragranced amonia cleaners and versatile amoniac. Bleach: classic disinfectant, fragranced bleach, bathroom bleach… Packaging 1L, 1.5L, 2L, 4L Products – Household cleaners
  19. 19. Formulas Concentrated dishwasher detergent, washing-up liquid, rince aid, salt granvles, dishwasher tabs. Packaging Washing-up liquids: 550 ml, 750 ml, 1.3l Dishwasher detergent: 100g, 125g, 250g, 400g Products – Household cleaners
  20. 20. Formulas Natural Lagarto soap, natural green Lagarto soap, soap flakes. Packaging Units:100g, 125g, 250g, 400g Pack 2x150g, Pack 3x100g, Pack 3x250g Products – Natural Soap
  21. 21. Thank you