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  1. 1. URL: testuserPlease do NOT use Internet ExplorerNE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013
  2. 2. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013
  3. 3. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013
  4. 4. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013Named Entity Attestation Tool overviewCurrent tagged NEText for tagging – Pretagged!Current fileMenu Search
  5. 5. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013Named Entities Attestation Tool• Person (PERS - yellow)• Location (LOC - blue)• Organisation (ORG - orange)• Not known (NOT KNOWN - grey)– Use when it is a NE, but unsure whichtype (e.g. PERS or LOC).– NOT miscellaneous
  6. 6. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013How to tag a NE• Click on a word, a menu opens. Select the TYPEe.g. Amsterdam is LOC• Drag over a number of words for a group (standard setting isPERS)
  7. 7. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013Keyboard shortcuts• Click/drag + shortcut key indicates TYPE– Click/drag + l = LOC– Click/drag + p = PERS– Click/drag + o = ORG– Click/drag + n = NOT KNOWN
  8. 8. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013Some functionalities• Click on tagged NE removes attestation• ‘Walk’ through tags with < and >Arrow keys moves attestation.• Indicate minor scan errors with ‘s’(e.g. Botterdam instead of Rotterdam)• Auto attest last tagged NE on whole page• Elliptical NE (North and South America) with ‘e’-key
  9. 9. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013More keyboard short cuts
  10. 10. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013In doubt?• Not sure if word(s) is/are Named Entity at all?– Use the ‘w’-key to mark the attestation as dubious (redquestion mark)– Note: ‘King’ is not a NE• Sure that the word(s) is/are a NE, but not sure which?– Use the NOT KNOWN type– Note: ‘Badis’ is a city, so LOC
  11. 11. NE Attestation Tool 14-06-2013Done?Click Save & New for the next text