Europeanacloud 2014-review-overview-athens


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Europeana Cloud - First Year Review - Overview, Alastair Dunning, Project Coordination Athens Plenary, March 2014

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Europeanacloud 2014-review-overview-athens

  1. 1. First Year Review - Overview Alastair Dunning, Project Coordinator Athens Plenary March 2014
  2. 2. Oxyrhynchus Papyrus No. 20 Fragment of Homer's The Illiad, 2nd century Common Era British Library, London Image via Wikimedia Commons
  3. 3. Metadata record for Oxyrhynchus Papyrus No. 20 (numbered 742) from British Library, London
  4. 4. Metadata record for Oxyrhynchus Papyrus No. 20 from University of Oxford
  5. 5. Tool for transcribing Oxyrhynchus Papyrus from Ancient Lives project
  6. 6. Tool for measuring Oxyrhynchus Papyrus from Ancient Lives project
  7. 7. Discussion Forum Oxyrhynchus Papyri from Ancient Lives project
  8. 8. Images Hi-res TIFF – British Library JPEG – University of Oxford Full-text Multiple transcriptions – Ancient Lives Project Metadata Version 1 – British Library Version 2– University of Oxford Version 3 – Ancient Lives Unstructured Commentary Ancient Lives Project
  9. 9. The richness of this information is created by many parties, but it sits in different places, took many projects to make happen and still is not fully connected.
  10. 10. Building a new aggregation system. Metadata currently travels in one direction, towards Europeana. Audiovisual collections National Aggregators Regional Aggregators Archives Thematic collections Libraries e.g. Musées Lausannois e.g. Culture Grid, e.g. The European Library e.g. APEX e.g. EUScreen, European Film Gateway e.g. Judaica Europeana, Europeana Fashion
  11. 11. Building a shared infrastructure. Metadata can be shared and edited between members
  12. 12. Current focus on three aggregators But we need broader input to make sure this a sustainable service for Europeana ecosystem
  13. 13. Developing the Infrastructure for Europeana Cloud – WP2 Pavel Kats, Europeana Foundation Agile methodology used with 10+ developers across Europe Defined technical architecture and core services for European Cloud Report on available cloud technologies / architectures Prototype cloud service for metadata
  14. 14. Sustaining the Europeana Cloud: Legal, Strategic and Economic Issues – WP5 What are the assumptions that this infrastructure will be created under? High Level Strategic Requirements Minimum Requirements for the Cloud Julia Fallon, Europeana Foundation
  15. 15. Assessing Researcher Needs in the Cloud – WP1 Related Expert For a Reports Which researchers can Europeana interact with What kind of tools do these users need Agiatis Bernadou, Digital Curation Unit, Athens Ongoing work on Europeana Content Strategy
  16. 16. Exploiting Europeana Cloud with services and tools for researchers – WP3 Iterative development process building tools for specific research communities specific personas working in specific scenarios tool for early modern philosophers Erik Duval, University of Leuven
  17. 17. Ingestion of Content and Metadata Development – WP4 1.7m records due to be delivered by Spring 2014 Ingestion of metadata from project partners Initial metadata plan delivered Marian Lefferts, Consortium of European Research Libraries
  18. 18. Dissemination and Networking – WP6 Related Cloud projects Wide range of stakeholders identified in D6.1 Research Infrastructures Aggregators, Data and Content providers Martin Moyle, University College London
  19. 19. Project Management – WP7 Consortium Agreement Financial Reporting Annual Report Aggregators, Data and Content providers Mary Rowlatt MDR Partners Geoff Butters, MDR Partners
  20. 20. Much more to come in the second year !