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Europeana Network Association Members Council Meeting 2018, The Hague by Harry Verwayen


Published on

5-6 July 2018
MC update Europeana & MMF

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Europeana Network Association Members Council Meeting 2018, The Hague by Harry Verwayen

  1. 1. MC update Europeana & MMF Harry Verwayen I Uldis Zarins
  2. 2. The Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, Digital Economy and Society
  3. 3. The Council Conclusions ‘To promote support for the digitisation of cultural heritage as a tool for open access to culture and knowledge, thus stimulating innovation, creativity and participatory governance of cultural heritage’ Council Conclusions 27 May 2018
  4. 4. The Agenda for Culture ‘The New European Agenda for Culture is a key part of the Commission’s response to the mandate from the December 2017 European Council. It offers a framework for the next phase of cooperation at EU level to address current societal challenges through the transformative power of culture.’ New Agenda for Culture 22 May 2018
  5. 5. DSI-4 Coming soon... Start 1 september, for 2 + 1 +1 years
  6. 6. Generic Services 1) 3 projects: migrations in arts & manuscripts & Byzart 2) 8 new projects from september 3) 2 new projects submitted (start jan)
  7. 7. So…?
  8. 8. A changing landscape Abendwolken | Hofmeister, Theodor Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg Germany, CCO
  9. 9. Evaluation + ● Quantity and diversity of the material ● Strength of the network ● Impact of the pan-european campaigns ● The standards
  10. 10. Evaluation - ● Lack of focus in the target groups ● Not enough ‘major institutions’ ● Quality of the material ● Findability of the content ● Lack of clarity in aggregation ● Lack of general ‘awareness’ of Europeana
  11. 11. Service Design Participation Decentralisation Quality Simplicity AuthenticitySafe haven Europeana Culture Branding