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Europeana Network Association Members Council Meeting 2019, The Hague by Julia Fallon


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The Europeana Copyright Community in 2019
5-6 March 2019

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Europeana Network Association Members Council Meeting 2019, The Hague by Julia Fallon

  1. 1. Rights update CC BY-SA Together, we can help each other meet the copyright challenges that we all experience in the process of making our digital collections available online for reuse
  2. 2. Rights update CC BY-SA our working environment An unfit legal’s a long game. We have advocated for reform of EU copyright rules for over 5 years, and there are another few years to go before we’ll see tangible change (irrespective of the progress of the © directive) Evolving policy frameworks = (1) DEA is being updated -> leads to long term Metis requirements, (2) The Licensing Framework should to be updated to address the current reality and our future challenges, (3) institution policies evolving towards open Gaps in knowledge & skill in CHI = Copyright knowledge is not typically a core skill for people who work with cultural heritage, we’re trying to help with that through ⇓ Scattered or missing tool & resources = Not enough tools, hidden, out of date, don’t scale, member state specific …
  3. 3. Rights update CC BY-SA the history of our community 2012-2017 we established the foundations of our community. In this time we build a community of aggregators interested in copyright, a working group and periodic task forces. We addressed challenges such as developing new right statements (OOC-NC), played role in the foundation of the consortium, developed and updated the copyright reform advocacy mandate, and supported a revision of the DEA. The copyright community was established in 2018 , seeking to build an engaged community. Membership in 2018* = 159 members, approximately 80% network members. Three newsletter were shared, one translations trial and a webinar. Members were invited to share articles and idea through the newsletter. Membership in 2019** = 750 members, approximately 95% network members
  4. 4. Rights update CC BY-SA Composition: 2 x Members Councillor 2 x Community Member 1 x Community Manager Chair: Paul Keller (term tbc) Vice chair: vacant (must be MC) Member #1: vacant Member #2: vacant Manager: Julia Fallon steering group ? ? ?
  5. 5. Rights update CC BY-SA resources at our disposal
  6. 6. Rights update CC BY-SA what have we done so far? First Newsletter in March 2018 ➔ Call to join the community ➔ Calls to action ◆ Translation trial
  7. 7. Rights update CC BY-SA ...and so on ...
  8. 8. Rights update CC BY-SA ideas for increasing participation Identify common pain points within the community -> develop approaches to meet them Develop copyright directive workshop -> inform members, encourage debate Better utilise communication channels -> as a loudspeaker Hitchcock: Copyright CC BY-SA
  9. 9. Rights update CC BY-SA ideas for increasing membership Better understand the current members & their needs Better meet the need of existing members Before expanding membership
  10. 10. what about you what else can we try?