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Europeana Network Association Members Council Meeting 2019, The Hague by Isabel Crespo


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Education Community
5-6 March 2019

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Europeana Network Association Members Council Meeting 2019, The Hague by Isabel Crespo

  1. 1. Education community steering group CC BY-SA #EuropeanaEducation Altheo Valentini Director EGINA, Italy All Digital board member, Belgium Sonja de Leeuw EUScreen Board member Professor at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands Lóa Steinunn Kristjánsdóttir University of Iceland Former Director EUROCLIO
  2. 2. Education community profile CC BY-SA #EuropeanaEducation 2.340 Members ENA members Members interested in Education 14 %325
  3. 3. CC BY-SA Members’ profile #EuropeanaEducation Teachers in Education community 65 %211
  4. 4. CC BY-SA Vision #EuropeanaEducation This community brings together all those who believe that Europe’s digital cultural heritage has an important role to play in education, and want to work to embed digital cultural data in both formal and informal education to foster innovation. This Community aims to strengthen the connection between cultural heritage and educational sectors to mutual benefit. More specifically, it will work towards the following goals: ➔ Get a deeper understanding of the needs of educators where it concerns their use of digital cultural heritage ➔ Improve the discoverability of educational content in Europeana Collection platform ➔ Mainstream the use of digital culture in education, especially at a national level
  5. 5. CC BY-SA Communication channels #EuropeanaEducation
  6. 6. CC BY-SA Activities 2019 #EuropeanaEducation 1. Community growth & profiling a. Identify potential community members within ENA and/or outside the network (e.g. through members’ local communities) b. Survey to identify and understand better the motivations and needs of the community members 1. Outreach a. Collect and showcase case studies of reuse of digital cultural data in education provided by the community members b. Facilitate connections between Europeana and local educational players as well as between community members 1. Advocacy & Awareness raising a. Advocate for improvement of the cultural heritage data for educational purposes in their CHIs b. Present community developments and achievements at the Europeana Network AGM
  8. 8. CC BY-SA #Europeana4Education CC BY-SA Working with teachers across Europe 1. Europeana Teacher Ambassador network: working with its supporting education ministries, a group of 12 Europeana ambassadors (from 12 different countries) will support the project by leading the development of LS, and the promotion and adoption of these resources at national level. 1. Europeana Teacher User Group: 120 teachers from 12 countries. This group is expected to deliver 60 new learning scenarios integrating Europeana resources per project year. #EuropeanaEducation
  9. 9. CC BY-SA New resources for education #EuropeanaEducation
  10. 10. CC BY-SA Spreading the word #EuropeanaEducation
  11. 11. 26th April 2018